Cindy Crawford & Kaia: Shopping Spree

Model mom Cindy Crawford and her 11-year-old daughter Kaia made a pretty pair as they headed for a girls’ day out today, paying a visit to Sephora in Malibu, California (October 27).

The 46-year-old supermodel and her gorgeous girl were both sporting matching denim cut-off shorts as they browsed the racks of cosmetics.

It was a much more casual look than the one Cindy was sporting just last night as she enjoyed a date night with her husband Rande Gerber. Heading to a star-studded Halloween party in Beverly Hills, the beautiful mom-of-two looked stunning in a fitted black leather dress.

Married for almost 15 years, Cindy and Rande are also parents to 13-year-old son Presley.


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  1. Cindy looks amazing, haters look find anything to complain about> the fact that she is in her 40’s, and looks like that! Jealousy is the one word I use to decribe the haters!!!

  2. What’s wrong with how she dresses? what’s wrong with her knees? What’s wrong with some of you people?? Can’t a 46 year old wear shorts now?? Especially if she has the body like Cindy?

    Well, enough of questions, i think she’s not trying to dress “like” her daughter, gimme a break, i didn’t know wearing shorts had a due date for women. I see absolutely nothing wrong with her knees. Look at the last pic in her night outfit. It’s the same Cindy and her same knees. I don’t think they change just because she wore shorts during the day. Sorry, for too much ramble.

  3. IMHO shorts for a 46 year old are not classy. I mean, her legs are fine (even though it’s true that her knees are not at all pretty), I get that she was a supermodel, but at such an age shorts are fine just at home or at the seaside, if you want to be a classy lady.

    This happens with lots of celebrities: though they are aging gracefully, they still dress like a 20-30 year old, while they are maybe in their late 40es or so.
    What I say is: ok, your body’s still on track, but you do look a little bit ridiculous.

    • Like Halle Berry, for example: she’s undoubtedly still super hot at 46, but she has no clue in dressing like a lady, she’s often vulgar..

    • She’s wearing shorts. It’s pathetic that you find shorts on a woman of a certain age unacceptable, but that’s really your problem.

      Absolutely disgusting that you think you can dictate what is or isn’t appropriate (and you don’t even have a REASON why you think it’s not appropriate, which is hysterical).

      Ladies, rock on with wearing whatever YOU want… not whatever ‘people’ like coco think is ‘appropriate’ for your age!

  4. I’m a 57 year old average sized woman. And I’m not about to start wearing long sleeves and long pants just because I’m sudden’y “too old”. Just like Cindy my breasts are not exposed and my butt-cheeks are not hanging out. CC is dressed fin for a casual warm day out.

    • Well, maybe it’s because I’m from Europe, but I can tell you here it’s not so normal.. As I said, unless they’re at the seaside, or going to the swimming pool during summer, or they’re in their twenties, or something like that, people here don’t wear shorts on a normal day, like to go out in the city..
      It has nothing to do with shame or anything like that, it’s something comparable to going out in your pajamas..
      Here a 40something year old woman just doesn’t go out in shorts, it’s just not elegant, regardless of her body, money, job…
      I’m not criticizing, I’m just saying.. 🙂

  5. When you are the sexiest woman in history and still look fantastic, you can wear anything and still look incredible. With Cindy’s body, less has always been more.

  6. Don’t judge,our HEAVENLY FATHER is the only one 2 judge.Let everyone live their own life,whether it’s good r bad.Please read ur BIBLE,it’s the guidance 2 our life.

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