Kourtney & Kim Kardashian: Glammed Up For Grocery Shopping

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian went grocery shopping with Mason at Price Choice Foodmarket in Miami, Fl. on Friday (October 26).

Mason sat in the shopping cart while the ladies piled up on items. The sisters sure were glammed up for the trip. Kourtney wore all black while Kim wore all white. Both had on high-heels.

Meanwhile Scott Disick might be proposing to Kourtney again this season.

RadarOnline reports that the 29-year-old father to Mason was spotted shopping for an engagement ring at Levinson Jewelers last Thursday.

A source observed, “Scott was most definitely shopping for engagement rings. Scott and his friend looked at a whole selection of amazing rings, all diamond, all different cuts, sizes, settings — he certainly is taking his time and wants to make the right purchase.”


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  1. Is there any moment of their lives when they’re not looking for attention? It can’t be healthy for a little boy like Mason to constantly have cameras on him at all hours of the day.

    • it can’t be healthy for a little boy like mason to be raised by “them”. getting papped is the least of his problems.

  2. Just an observation (let the idiot comments roll in if they must) but I think all I ever see Kourtney doing is shopping of some sort and going out to lunch. He seems very loved but there for a while I thought Kourtney was going to keep him out of the cameras or limelight (she did one of their five hundred different shows I believe.)

    • She did that because Scott wanted $5000 and episode for Mason to be on the show and the people at E! were not giving it to them and Scott took Mason out of the show for a season.

      After it all came out Kourtney “claimed” that they did it to keep Mason from cameras/limelight but they still took him on red carpets and photo op. I think they thought E! would give in but they didn’t so they put him back on the show.

      • Oh ok, thank you for the insight, I wasn’t one hundred percent positive. Honestly, they love Mason but I’m not surprised they did that. They’ll regret it one day.

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