Angelina Jolie & Kids: Costume Shoppers

Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie stepped out with three of her children – Shiloh, 6, and 4-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox – at the Halloween Adventure Superstore in Studio City, Calif., shopping for last-minute costumes on Sunday (October 28).

And what did the high-profile family pick up during their trip? A unicorn costume for Vivienne and a dinosaur stuffed toy for her brother.

“Angelina looked amazing!” an onlooker told Us Weekly. “She definitely looked really healthy and she was really sweet.”

“A few fans came up to her and she was beyond nice to them and talked to every single one of them,” the source shared, adding that Vivienne wore her unicorn costume the entire time. “They were there for close to an hour and they had a pretty large purchase.”

The day before, we saw the Jolie-Pitt twins enjoying a playground in Studio City.

This marks the first time we’ve spotted the famous family in months. We hope to see the entire crew as well — including papa Brad Pitt and sibs Maddox, 11, Pax, 8, and Zahara, 7.


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      • Viv looks like a munch-kin from the “Wizard of Oz” she is a very ugly little girl. Opinions like A–holes everyone has them and I don’t think they are good looking. Get over it.

    • i agree anna and have said this many times !!! the way they dress them and never comb hair sure doesnt help.
      but look at mom and dad….mom, thank goodness has natural beauty – but you can tell very little effort is put into her day to day look.
      as for dad —– who knows when he last washed or combed his greasy hair ????

      • I don’t know what pictures you are looking at, but their hair looks perfect and shiny to me, I wish my hair looked that healthy!

    • On the good side though, if you could buy them everything they want, your kids would be such brats! At least your kids will grow to respect that money doesn’t grow on trees and that most people have to work hard for it. x

      • I really don’t know why their kids would have to “respect that money doesn’t grow on trees”… because for them, it does.

        And the fact that “most people” have to work hard for it will probably never be a concept they’ll fully appreciate because it’s not their world. Just like I can’t fully comprehend what it must be like to have absolutely unlimited resources.

  1. Like mommy, like daughters with their all black. 🙂 I bet celebs at the popularity status of Brangelina or Bennifer 2.0, Gavin & Gwen..etc (the ones who don’t need the benefit of the paparazzi’s attn. to up their fame status) really get tired of so many cameras in their faces. I know I’m perpetuating the problem bc I’m looking on a sight that relies on paparazzi photos. It’s just an observation.

  2. Shiloh is too cool for these pics. Love her hair and outfit! She seems like such an awesome kid every time I see pics of her (and so gorgeous too!).
    Knox is looking all zen as usual… I think his face is all Angelina. Such a handsome little man. And Vivian….. well, she’s getting cuter.

  3. They are all so cute. Vivienne and Shiloh are mini-Brads but Knox is all Angelina. I love how there aren’t pics of their family every single day.Does it matter how they dress? They have millions but it doesn’t mean they have to be dressed to the nines. Were people expecting angelina to where heels or something to the grocery store. They dress their children like children not dolls. I would be pissed too if I were Shiloh knox or Vivienne. the video on x17online is frightening. People claim they make photo ops but they are rarely seen for weeks or months. It looks as if Angelina has put on a few pounds good for her.

  4. So adorable!! I really am loving Shilohs hairstyle! Before I wasn’t sure but this look in these pics look kind of styled to me and I love it!
    But I wish the crowds would kinda give them space. There should be some kind of law for paps that if they need to take pictures (which they shouldnt be allowed to in a perfect world) they should do so at a certain distance especially when their children are present.
    I hope one day for the sake of the kids that happens.

  5. I love Angelina,she is gorgeous!!Shame about Shiloh wanting to be a boy,hope she wont end up like Chers daughter Chastity!!!!!She is very pretty and a beautiful face,the parents need to be firmer about dressing her.

  6. The Brangelina sycophants can defend all they want but it won’t change the reality which is that the majority of folks, including me, do not believe these kids are cute and almost no one believes Shiloh to be a happy or well-adjusted kid.

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