Courteney Cox Reveals Coco’s Halloween Costume

Courteney Cox revealed what 8-year-old Coco will be for Halloween. The actress was hosting the EBMRF and Sony Playstation’s Epic Halloween Bash in Los Angeles on Sunday night when she talked about the costume.

She told People, “This Halloween she’s going to be a half angel-half devil. But at one point she wanted to be a baby-old man-detective and she had this whole outfit planned out.”

On the baby-old man-detective costume she thought the idea was very much like what ex-husband David Arquette would have come up with.

“She had a bib, she had a mustache, glasses, a pacifier, and I was like, ‘That’s very David, isn’t it?’ To just come up and be that creative. I see a lot of both of us in Coco, for sure. She’s very, very split down the middle between the two of us, and Coco is really, really, really creative.”

On Coco she said, “She is half devil and half angel, so I thought [the costume] was just typecasting for her. She just really has a big heart, and she’s 8, not mischievous, but she’s bold.”

Cox added that last year Coco wanted to stop trick-or-treating after a few houses.

She explained, “Last year we left DWTS and went trick-or-treating. We finally got to the street that we like to trick-or-treat on and within about five houses she was like, ‘Alright, I’m done. I’m fine,’ the Cougar Town actress and director says. “It’s not so funny, but that is fantastic.”

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