Jon Cryer: Pushing Miss Daisy

Duckie’s daughter!

Pretty in Pink star Jon Cryer and wife, entertainment reporter Lisa Joyner, were photographed with their adorable daughter Daisy at the farmer’s market in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (October 28). Jon walked alongside his lovely wife who pushed their sweet girl in the stroller.

Jon stars in the sitcom Two and a Half Men. His famous costar, hunky actor Ashton Kutcher, recently made headlines for his $24 million paycheck on the the popular TV series.

Meanwhile, Jon brings home a mere $13 million.

The actor, 47, is also dad to son Charlie with his ex-wife, Sarah Trigger.


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    • I agree because she is older, but they are at a farmer’s market that is pretty large and crowded. It’s usually a life saver to have a stroller in that case.

    • I have a 6 year old g-son with heart issues. We take an umbrella stroller out for longer walks or crowded occasions. He does look healthy. Is my g-son a “kid like this?” Would you be making a judgement call on us without knowing all the facts?

      Besides, I think in these larger strollers, if a kid fits, and the parents and child agree, using them in high traffic areas or when there is a lot of area to be covered is fine.

  1. when we went to england from canada in ’94, when i was 4, my parents brought an umbrella stroller, and it was a life saver, especially because we walked a lot, and i got tired quickly, and daisy is how old? 3? kids get tired

  2. I think the parent and kid, can do whatever they want to do. People are quick to judge, not knowing in others life and there circumstances.I have 2 boys age 4 & 2, if my kids become tired and I am unable to carry them in my arms I will push them all day in a umbrella stroller, anything, not giving a damn what the outside world thinks about. That little girl is 3 and the parenst are listening to there child and not what others think.

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