Jessica Simpson & Family: Happy Halloween!

Jessica Simpson is ready for some trick-or-treating!

In a family photo posted to Twitter, the Fashion Star mentor shows off her post-baby figure – she’s lost 60 of the 70lb she put on during her pregnancy – in a tightly-corseted costume while her fiance Eric Johnson does his best Braveheart impression. It’s 6-month-old Maxwell who steals the spotlight, though, making an absolutely adorable baby chick.

Steadily losing the pregnancy pounds thanks to her healthy diet and regular gym sessions, Jessica recently revealed that she’s happy with the progress she’s made: “I feel positive about how I’ve done so far and really good about the goals I have set.”


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    • Yeah because it’s a crime for a celebrity to struggle with weight, they have to be perfectly fit even after having a baby HAHA.

  1. Help me out here, maybe I don’t get it as a non-american, but why would you dress up your 6-month old to go trick-or-treating? They don’t get it, they can’t eat the candy…

    • It’s just tradition. Why do people have birthday parties for one year olds? Same thing. Plus, they’ll have pictures of this to show the kids later on in life, “Baby’s 1st Halloween!” It’s really more for the parents than the kids.

  2. 1. I believe she gained more than 70 pounds during pregnancy.
    2. She is absolutey NOT just 10 pounds away from her pre-baby weight.
    3. She DOES look much better than she did and she HAS lost weight. But her hips, butt, and thighs are still quite large by comparison to former Jessica and she clearly selected this costume for that very reasons.
    4. I don’t understand why it is that she so desperately loves the “vamp” look. It makes her seem so incredibly shallow and cheap.

    In spite of that which I am writing here, I actually don’t dislike her per se, and I have no expectations that a celebrity must not gain OR that they must rapidly lose weight relating to pregnancy. I am not offended that Jessica is now very overweight. I’m annoyed and offended by the fact that she continues to lie about it. The Simpson family continually sets themslves up for harsh criticism because lying is just so prevalent in their PR. If she would just let people see the real her, not lie about the struggle, and not turn losing weight into a money making scheme, I suspect most people would be far more sensitive and positive toward her

    • Why do you find it so hard to believe she’s not 10lbs from her pre-pregnancy weight? She was not thin pre-pregnancy! If you’re talking her Newlywed days, then yes, but soon before pregnancy she had been big for a while.

    • Have you had babies? Everyone I know, including myself, never had my hips go back tot he way they were before baby. And I agree with the other poster – she looks almost like she did before she gave birth – if you remember she had already put on extra weight to begin with. I can see her being almost 10 lbs from her pre-pregnancy weight. She’s got a curvey body – she’s not going to look stick thin, ever.

  3. Lets be fair. No matter WHAT you think of these people those are seriously good costumes. And yes the chicken totally makes it.

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