Jewel: “[Kase] Is Going To Have More Costume Changes Than A Cher Concert”

Singer Jewel seems to be very excited for her 15-month-old son Kase to enjoy the spooky Halloween festivities this year – which includes sporting quite a collection of costumes.

“He’s going to be about five different things, he’s going to have more costume changes than a Cher concert,” the 38-year-old mama – who welcomed her first child with hubby Ty Murray – reveals to PEOPLE. “He’s going to be a chicken, a hammerhead shark [and] a little monkey. [And] at least two other ones.”

Holidays aside, her baby boy’s day-to-day style is more a balance between comfortable and country.

“There are days that I put him in little cowboy boots and a little plaid shirt, which is very cute,” she says.

And while the new parents are still “grooming” their 15-month-old to help with the farm’s daily chores (they live on a 2,400-acre ranch in Texas), the songstress shares that Kase is excelling at all of his major milestones.

“He makes lots of animal sounds,” she comments. “He can do the monkey, the dog, the goat, the duck. He likes the cows a lot.”

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