Rupert Sanders & Liberty Ross: Halloween Happy

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross went trick-or-treating with their kids – Skyla, 7, and Tennyson, 5 – in Los Angeles, Calif. on Halloween Day (October 31). After their fun night out, the group were seen sitting on the porch looking through their candy.

The couple – who are in counseling and hoping to repair their nine-year marriage – were seen hugging and smiling with their kids.

The Snow White and the Huntsman director, 41, recently had a highly-publicized affair with his 22-year-old leading lady Kristen Stewart.

Reportedly, Rupert and Liberty recently declined an offer from Dr. Phil to appear on his popular TV show. “When Dr. Phil‘s producers were putting together a list of potential guests for the new season, Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders were both mentioned,” an insider stated.

The source added: “They thought that an exclusive interview with either one of them would be a ratings winner because the cheating scandal was the hottest showbiz story of the summer. It would have been an incredible coup if they got Liberty and Rupert – but it was just something they didn’t want to do at such a difficult time.”


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  1. Very disappointed to see her back with him.
    It doesn’t matter how many years or kids they’ve had together – he cheated on her with a girl who was barely out of her teenage years, and he probably would’ve carried on had he not got caught red handed. Why she chose to forgive him, I seriously cannot imagine, unless it’s to do with keeping up a certain type of lifestyle.

    • My correction – the girl was 22, still very young though. She can be forgiven for being young and stupid, but he’s got a wife and kids.

      • I do agree with HDP with regards to why did Liberty ever choose to forgive him. It is disappointing to see people make choices that seem self-disrespecting.

        • Agreed, but I think it’s ridiculous for us to make judgements about why she chose to take him back (which is not even confirmed) when we don’t know any of their inside issues. Maybe she’s cheated on him in the past…maybe they have an open marriage…or maybe she did nothing wrong and he’s an a*s. Point is, we have no idea, so saying we’re disappointed is a little much.

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