Candace Cameron Bure: A Full House On Halloween

Candace Cameron Bure has posted cute photos of her family dressed up for Halloween. The actress – who raises Natasha, 14, Lev, 12, and Maks, 10, with husband Val Bure wrote: “Where’s Lev? My kids & 3 cousins. So cute!”

In another group photo she writes: “Cameron Family Halloween!” Her brother Kirk Cameron is right there in the middle!

If you remember Kirk was in the television hit Growing Pains. Candace – of Full House fame – once revealed what a typical Sunday is like for the Bure family.

She said, “Our Sundays are pretty consistent. We get up and go to the Farmer’s Market for breakfast. After that we’ll go to church. Then we’ll have hockey games in the afternoon. While we’re at the Farmer’s Market, we’ll grab food for that evening and we’ll have an early dinner and oftentimes my family and friends will come over for a really easy dinner.”

What do you think?

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  1. I have absolutely no respect for this family what so ever but I will admit that the little girl in the polka dot dress is adorable!

  2. Why no respect? Because they have different religious views than you? I’m agnostic and I think they are a lovely family.

      • Yes, because I don’t judge a person based on a difference of opinion between us. I’m a woman of science and I look at the very religious Duggar family with 19 kids and think how great it is that they all get along and support each other! You can passionately disagree with someone while still respecting them.

    • I can’t speak for the original poster, but my problem with the Cameron family is not with their religious views but with the way they try to push their views on other people. They are the ones who have no respect for other people’s religions.

  3. Candace has never made a comment on her believes and as if You the commenters have not done the same shoving you rude comments on these websites! Same
    Thing ! Candaces husband has his own winery , which is nice why have Kurt
    In these photos and his kids are that small!

  4. you know what’s hilarious to me? that people with that preach about the NOH8 deal, hate on people who feel differently than them. I fully support LOVE. I do not care who anyone loves, I think that love is love and everyone deserves the right to be who they are.

    But it makes me laugh that people get mad, have no respect for, etc. people that feel differently than them. How is what you’re doing, any different than what you’re accusing them of doing? Hating someone else because their views are differently than your own.

    I, personally, have never seen or heard of CANDACE saying anything negative about anyone really. Obviously – her brother has spoken out. But does he not have a right to his opinion? I personally don’t walk around preaching about my views, etc. but if someone asks me – am I not allowed to speak my mind?

    • I want you to pretend that we’re talking about black people for a second.

      Are you absolutely okay with people preaching that you shouldn’t tolerate them? Or that they’re sure black people are nice, but marriage is sacred and they shouldn’t be allowed to do it? Or that they are deviants? Or someone less than human?

      Get over yourself. Calling a bully a bully is not bullying. If you hate on someone who preaches hate themselves, that is the RIGHT thing to do, standing up to ignorance and intolerance.

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