Honor Marie Warren: Incredibly Cute

Honor Marie Warren to a Halloween party with her nanny in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (October 31).

Honor, 4, dressed up in her Incredibles outfit – the same costume she last was seen wearing at Gwen Stefani’s Halloween party last weekend.

Jessica Alba recently told Wetpaint that Honor was being indecisive on costumes.

“She keeps changing her mind. She wanted to be Mary Weather [from Dexter’s Labratory] for a long time, but now I think she wants to be — I don’t even know what she wants to be — someone superhero. Maybe from The Incredibles?”


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      • I’m not necessarily talking about the site that posts the photos, of course she is a celebrity’s baby, I’m saying that its strange for a bunch of men with cameras to run after a 4 year-old child, without her famous parents being present.

        • Well they do it because they know the pictures are worth money, for sites like this one. Creepy, yes. Odd, not really.

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