16 And Pregnant’s Jamie McKay: I Had An Abortion

16 And Pregnant star Jamie McKay took to Twitter Thursday, sharing her decision to terminate her second pregnancy with boyfriend Ryan McElrath.

“Thank you all for the love and support but I want you to know I did not miscarry. I chose abortion. I chose it out of fear. I feel like I made a mistake and I can’t take it back,” the reality TV star revealed to her followers.

“I have had this in my heart and it has been very hard on me,” she continued. “I was afraid to be judged by my family, my mother, even my dad. So I did it before they could find out. I should have looked into my options more but I didn’t. Ryan has been supportive through it all in case you all were wondering he is the father of that child too. And he let me make my decisions. I got on birth control right afterwards.”

While the 19-year-old teen mom’s heartfelt honesty sparked many supportive comments, Jamie also got some vicious attacks after she posted a photo (which has since been taken down) of her ultrasound, with the caption, “Rest in peace little angel. September 17, 2012.”

“Wow so u took a pic of the baby u killed?? Seriously… WOW,” wrote one follower.

Others offered support, such as, “No one should EVER judge you for your right to choose, regardless of what or why you chose. Nor do you have to explain.”

It’s been a rocky relationship for the young couple, including Jamie’s court filing in May 2011 for sole custody of their daughter Miah, claiming that Ryan had “a history of driving while under the influence of alcohol” and a “history of cocaine abuse.”


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    • lmaoo wtf she wrote “RIP my little angel”??? Who writes that after getting an abortion?? She admitted her baby died and she killed her own baby through abortion?

    • Anyways Teen Mom like i said is the worst show ever and all it does is glamorize teen pregnancy since basically all the teen moms get pregnant again(Leah, this girl, all the other teen moms too many to count) or want too(Maci)or don’t use protection at all (Catelynn and Tyler, this girl)

    • “It was her choice, and others shouldn’t judge her for it. ” Why not? Why can’t you judge a person’s choice?????

  1. I’m sure she did what was right for her, but why just now go on birth control why not as soon as she had the other baby? I really don’t understand why these kids do not even try to protect themselves.

  2. This is your life, your body, you have the right ot od what you would like… No one has the right to judge you… Not for any reason….
    You will grow and go on with your life…

  3. This is the beauty of why we live in Anerica. We have a right to choose. She has to live with her decision…not any of us. Her honestly on the subject of abortion sould be noted as a positive to other girls in her position.

    • Are you kidding me folks??

      “It’s sad she regrets the abortion, though”

      “We have a right to choose”

      “You will grow and go on with your life”

      What about the baby’s life, I say?

      Abortion should NOT BE A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL. Get Responsible !

      • Ken- Sorry but if you dont have OVARIES you dont have a vote. The man could have used condoms too. Why all the pressure on female to protect themselve????

        • At the beginning, I meant to
          Say I would never choose abortion* not adoption, but typing this all on my stupid phone makes It impossible to get the words right.

        • This is so crazy!!! how can people still say things like that! I am french and I am happy that those debates barely exist anymore : we have the right to choose. No need to make another child unhappy, on earth with not enough money to provide him a good life.
          However, you have to be responsible and not seen aborption as birth control, that is stupid I agree!!

        • Men have a vote. It takes two to have a baby and a father should have the right to protect his child’s life. This propaganda about “it’s my body” is ridiculous.

  4. How come everyone says it “YOUR LIFE or YOUR BODY” ok but what about the littlebabies body? what about their BODY? no one ever thinks of the body within the body…

    anyways she looks related to John Malkovich,lol

  5. It is woman’s choice to have an abortion or not but I agree that it should not be used as birth control. It should only be used in extreme cases not because people are too lazy to use birth control.

  6. Do not get why you would terminate your pregnancy than write “RIP”….that alone is disturbing. It seems she is trying to find sympathy for something she could have prevented. Makes me that cranky!! Where are the helpless babies rights!???

    • How disgusting that she posts the sonogram picture and “rip angel”. Like she wants sympathy for choosing to kill her baby. Makes me sick!

  7. I do not agree with abortions , except in cases of rape, incest or if the pregnancy is a danger to the mother’s life. When you make the decision to have sex, you are accepting the possibility of getting pregnant. She’s already had one child, so she knew she could get pregnant. Freaking take the pill and use a condom, then she wouldn’t have been in that situation. Then she has the nerve to post the sonogram pic , and say “rest in piece dip my little angel”. She killed that “little angel”! That just makes me so mad! There are so many people who would have loved to have given that little boy or girl a loving home. All I can say, is thank God that my son’s birthmother chose life for him.

  8. But guys. The “baby” is just a bunch of cells. Not a baby yet. So people saying “think about the baby”, well the baby is not even a baby yet. Do you know how many cells we kill on purpose every day? For instance, by exfoliating, you kill cells that could have participate in keeping you alive and healthy. Also, what do you think your menstrual blood is? It’s a cell who could have create a baby that is dying. So should we get pregnant every nine months to avoid killing a cell that could have possibly be a baby? How about the many, many cells a man wastes every day by not using it to procreate?

    Do you understand how ridiculous this discussion is? The only thing I agree on is that people should stop using abortion as birth control.

    • We are talking about an egg which has been fertilized here…. CLEARLY there is a VERY BIG difference between an egg which is fertilized and one which is not!.
      Also, Not sure how you can compare exfoliating and a menstration cycle to this topic….

      • Our whole body is made of cells. I am comparing cells with cells. Fertilized egg or not, from your skin, in your ovaries, they are still cells. Maybe you should be less biased and read more?

        • My comment had nothing to Do with being biased. I was simply stating there is a big difference between a skin cell, a menstration cycle and a fertilized egg (fetus) with a heart beat. It doesn’t take a genius to know we are made a of cells. My remark was to say you comparing a fetus to skin cells and a menstration cycle is irrelevant to the topic.

          • It doesn’t take genious to understand what I am trying to say here. Have you seen an EMBRYO which is not yet a fetus? A bunch of cells with roughly the same shape as any other animal’s embryo. Do I have to repeat myself? Cells, no matter how you get them (or ‘kill’ them) are still cells.

            In my language (French) what you and other people are displaying here with your comment is called ‘une mauvaise foi’.

            I don’t care if you agree or not to abortion. However if your arguments are related to the following: Jesus, religion, ‘omg it’s a human being it’s murder!!!!’
            Then maybe you should forever hold your peace. The real debate is if it is a human or not. So far, biologically speaking, it is not. And I don’t think that will change, but it is a matter of word, a matter of definition. What makes a human being human? You guys better ask yourselves this. I’ve seen a lot of alien-like things, fully formed, who came out of women’s womb but no one is willing to call it human. It heart was beating (did not last long, I must admit). Why is it less human than cells who are just multiplying themselves, with no purpose yet? Can you please tell me, since you seem to know a lot about cells.

          • Pretty ironic that you’re (and not your) calling me a moron, Random.

            I never said that *I* had the truth. I said science has one (that might change with time, because unlike some other people here, I know science is flawed). I am just repeating was I read and understood after all the facts were given to me. Yes, I am entitled to an opinion, but I was being very objective here. Cause if I had to give my opinion, I wouldn’t make abortion legal for teenagers who party all night and get pregnant every weeks or so. If I could control a country with a high rate of teen pregnancy, I would totally make abortion impossible for them to get, unless they pay a huge amount of money just to give them a lesson (unless it is the result of rape and other unfortunate circumstances). I am that mean. Having me say that she has all the rights to get an abortion is quite amazing. I demand you all to applaud.

            Still, an embryo is nowhere near a human being. A beating heart? Really? Everything that has a beating heart is alive? Have you seen brain dead people with beating hearts? Are they dead or alive, tell me? <— since you did not get it the first time, there are times like this I am not directly talking to you so don’t get all mad. I was not talking to you when I mentioned religious people.

            So get off your high horses, re-evaluate your intelligence, do some researches and don’t just read people’s opinion on this. You need actual facts. LEARN HOW TO BE OBJECTIVE.

      • When a seed sprouts, it doesn’t automatically become a pear tree. When a sperm and egg meet, that doesn’t automatically make a human. It makes a POTENTIAL human.

        • Another moron. Your reference is ridiculous. A human being is a lot more complex than a seed. But than again with comments like yours I do wonder…

        • Well, my friend all pear trees were sprouts. You don’t get to be a pear tree without being a sprout first. So… sprout=pear tree.

    • I have never seen a cell that has a beating heart. She was beyond 6 weeks, which means the cells she killed had a beating heart… A LOT different than exfoliating dead cells. I love when people try to use science to back up abortion and it still doesn’t work.

      • Of course it works, because essentially those “cells” with the beating heart is just a parasite. If something can’t survive on its own and it needs ME for life support, *I* am entitled to say whether I CHOOSE to provide that life support. Not YOU.

        • Really? So let’s just kill all the people who are on life support now and have machines breathing for them. So you are saying that a baby at 25 weeks gestation is just a parasite b/c it still needs to grow more to live outside of the womb? I’m guessing you have never been pregnant and seen what a baby looks like at that age.

          • Bloopie your a moron. No where did I say I do not agree to abortion nor dd I say I was religious.
            So while you out there big noting claiming to know how the universe works maybe you should do some research yourself before you start making references to matters your clearly not very educated in.

          • Where did anyone say that? No one on life support depends on another human being’s BODY to live.

            And yes, if a fetus is 25 weeks, it’s still a parasite (although it’s chances of survival at that time are greatly improved, so there’s some ambiguity by that time), but we’re not talking about fetuses at 25 weeks, since the overwhelming majority of abortions take place long before that time (most are done before 12 weeks).

      • Well for some people “science” is a magic word. Just put it in a sentence and it will magically backup a faulty, idiotic argument. Commonsense is much better than science.

    • Are you comparing having an abortion to exfoliating??

      You can’t be serious.

      You are a life, right? You are a person, a life. When you were in your mother’s womb you WERE a “bunch of cell”. You are a “bunch of cell” even now. I think you need to spend some time thinking. Just thinking. Just begin to think.

  9. Murder is murder and this girl is extremely sick to have posted the ultrasound pic and led others to believe she had suffered a miscarriage. It shows she is immature and self-centered. She is lacking attention and this is her obvious way of saying “Look at me, I’m the victim here!” Well Jamie, your baby is the REAL victim. And for all you f’d up fems out there, medical science states that conception is the true beginning of human life. Not your BS excuse of its just a bunch of cells and it doesn’t matter. That comes from a med student studying at Harvard btw. All of you are a bunch of murderous B*thces.

    • There is not one single shred of evidence that “medical science states that conception is the true beginning of human life”. Nowhere in medical literature does it say that.

      You are truly delusional and a fantastical liar as well, but just because you type something doesn’t make it true!

    • I think the attention that people, media, this website included, gives to this story is disgraceful. Personally, I would prefer if Celebrity Baby Scoop wouldn’t publish stories regarding this “show”.

  10. Just because this girl choose to abort her pregnancy doesn’t mean she hasn’t suffered a loss or the she doesn’t doesn’t love that baby that could have been. She clearly made a tough decision to put her other child first and even this baby by not bringing it into to an unstable struggling family. So many countries have starving children already why not adopt them. Don’t keep adding to the poverty. It’s not fair on the children.

    • Let’s just make infanticide legal, then. There’s so much poverty. I think we could just do without a few newborns, right? What’s the difference? Let’s just eliminate old people because, hey, why let them suffer? Let’s just put down the disabled, in fact, all of those who can’t speak for themselves…oh, wait! Didn’t somebody thought about that in Germany in the 1930s??

  11. I agree abortion should not be used as birth control. That being said, a woman has a right to do what she feels is necessary. Everyone is allowed to have their own opinion on the subject but the beauty of America is, you cannot make choices for other people. Yes, if you want to get technical it is not until about 10 weeks where the baby actually is considered a fetus, but I know as a mother you can love that “bunch of cells” even at 4 weeks. Just because a woman has an abortion does not mean she doesn’t care about her baby. Some people make mistakes, and I pray this girl has learned from it and continues to protect herself until she chooses to have more children. Having the baby and giving it up for adoption is sometimes easier said than done, and it is definitely easier said by people who have never found themselves in her predicament, and I hope none of her naysayers ever find themselves in this situation. Regardless, my heart goes out to her and her little baby. I know she will always remember and feel bad about this.

    • “That being said, a woman has a right to do what she feels is necessary. ”
      Where does it stop? What about infanticide, then? Why not “abort” a newborn. If a woman thinks it’s necessary….

      “Yes, if you want to get technical it is not until about 10 weeks where the baby actually is considered a fetus”

      This is another “propaganda” trick. Let’s change names so that we can treat a baby differently from one day to the other.

      “Just because a woman has an abortion does not mean she doesn’t care about her baby. ”

      AH AH AH AH. No, seriously. Read your sentence again.

  12. And Mitt Romney wants to do away with planned parenthood, free birth control services. and make abortion illegal. Something to think about when voting next week no matter whose side you are on.

    • Leave politics out of this, please.

      “free birth control services.” By the way, I have news from you. For thousands of years every country has offered free birth control services. It’s called “abstinence” + “responsibility”

      • Its a comment section last l checked we are allowed to make comments. Just bc it doesnt please you doesnt nean it cant be said. And lets face it people dont remain abstinent. And guess what some people are raped….thats not irresponsibility sweetheart!!

  13. Sickening, she should of used protection! Abortion is a cowards way out! I understand it was her choice and her body but sex does come with consequences and in my eyes she should of known better.

  14. For all of those who keeps saying it was her choice, maybe you should re-read her statement: ” I feel like I made a mistake and I can’t take it back,” the reality TV star revealed to her followers.”

    Some choice, uh? She is saying SHE MADE the WRONG choice.

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