Dara Torres Retires From Swimming With No Regrets

After three decades as a competitive swimmer, five-time Olympian Dara Torres is hanging up her competitive swim cap and is looking eagerly toward this exciting new phase in her personal and professional life.

The twelve-time Olympic medalist and mom, 45, opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about being the AmLactin® brand ambassador, having no regrets about not making the 2012 Olympic Team, and her 6-year-old daughter Tessa who is the “spitting image” of her competitive mama.

CBS: Tell us about becoming an AmLactin® brand ambassador. Tell us about this product and why it’s a good fit for you.

DT: “As the Brand Ambassador for AmLactin, I have been able to help spread the word about a quality product that helps me manage an issue I’ve struggled with across my entire career as a competitive swimmer: dry skin.

AmLactin’s powerful alpha-hydroxy therapy works to both exfoliate away dry, dead skin cells on the surface as well as maintain moisture, for soft, silky skin. Centering around the “Fundamentals of Fit Skin” the brand’s “Ultra Skin Performance” campaign is a perfect fit for me because it balances healthy habits, like working out and eating right, with skin care tips – like proper sun protection and regular exfoliation – to help women of all ages maintain beautiful skin.”

CBS: How does it feel to be retired from swimming?

DT: “While it was tough to come up from the water and see that I didn’t make the 2012 Olympic Team, I had given it everything I had, so there was no feeling of regret.

I’ve had a great run in the pool, and while it is strange to be in the stands as a spectator rather than in the water as a competitor, I am excited about starting a new chapter in my life.”

CBS: What was it like for you to be a spectator in London? Was it nice to have the pressure off and to cheer on your pals?

DT: “Attending the Games as a spectator instead of a competitor this year was a whole new experience, especially because I had trained to compete. But it was nice to be on my own schedule while in London, really getting to spend time with friends and family and to explore the city. I also got to watch some of my best friends and most respected athletes set records and win medals, which was awesome.”

CBS: Was your daughter Tessa at the London Olympics with you? If so, what was that like for her? Did she get inspired?

DT: “Tessa was the main reasons I even went to the Games after not qualifying for the team. She wanted to go to London so bad, so we went with my mom and some friends and had a blast. She enjoyed the whole experience, but I honestly think her favorite part was getting to see her favorite guys – Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte.”

CBS: You are the one and only swimmer from the US to compete in 5 Olympic Games! How does it feel to break the age barrier/ beat the odds?

DT: I’ve always been a very competitive person, so the thought that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” do something once you are a certain age… have had a baby – whatever it is – is what drives me to keep pushing. Winning medals and setting records is great, but what I’m truly proud of is the fact that I have never given up, and that I have had so much love and support along the way.”

CBS: Tell us about your 6-year-old daughter Tessa. Has she caught the swimming bug? What is she into?

DT: “Tessa is the spitting image of me. She swims every week so it’s probably safe to say she’s caught the swimming bug — she’s even challenged me to a few races! She’s picked up on my competitive spirit for sure, whether it’s swimming or playing Go Fish, she wants to win. She also takes hip-hop dancing so she’s a pretty active kid but is also very much a girly-girl.”

CBS: While you are recently engaged, are you hoping to have more children in the future?

DT: “My fiancé, Tom, has two children and I have Tessa, so we’re pretty busy just keeping up with the three of them and everything they have going on. We’re really happy with where we are right now, enjoying them and the five of us together as a family.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

DT: “This past year has been an exciting time for me. I retired form swimming, got engaged, moved to a new city, and have developed a newfound sense of possibility.

Focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle is always a priority, but now, without the long hours required by my pervious training schedule, I have time to develop and pursue my other interests.”

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  1. Dara has been a longterm inspiration for me not only as an amateur athlete and physical therapist but also as a public health advocate. More than any other athlete I’ve seen, she has shown what is possible beyond pre-conceived limits and labels. I’m proud to have known her, a little bit, in the now-distant past .. haha .. and to have watched both her career and her personal development.

    This year, I’m training for the record up Haleakala on Maui .. at 58. In a way, I’ll be chasing Dara .. or at least the model of her determination … straight up the volcano.

    Thanks, Dara. It’s all your fault. Haha! Oh.. and Aloha nui loa with all best wishes for your future.

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