Lisa Rinna Gets The Giggles With Delilah

Girls day out!

Here’s a pair we haven’t seen for a while! Celebrity Apprentice‘s Lisa Rinna spent some fun one-on-one time with her oldest Delilah Belle, 13, today, heading out to run a few errands in Beverly Hills, California (November 16).

Lisa, who also has daughter Amelia Grey with her husband Harry Hamlin, Tweeted this week about her LA community’s efforts toward helping those in the path of Hurricane Sandy, writing, “The 6th grade class at our school Raised $776 this am for the food bank of New jersey #sandy fantastic every bit helps!”


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    • Is the oversight that important to you that you have to be so rude? Honestly, is this really “critical” information?? Grow up.

    • She made a mistake with her lips and she has admitted it. Why do you have to be so rude? Why don’t you post a pic of yourself and we can judge whether you’re prettier or not?

      • You seriously think it was just her lips? Her entire face is botoxed and she’s CLEARLY had cheek implants. Look at old photos of her and you’ll see for yourself.

        • Not only that. What kind of message are you sending your daughter’s? Pretty isn’t good enough. Beautiful isn’t good enough. You need to stick needles full of toxins into your face and chemically inject your lips as well?

          Luckily for them, she seems like a good person overall. But if her kids have self-image issues and eating disorders, you’ll know who to look to.

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