Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Reach “Amicable Agreement”

Is the custody war over?

After an ongoing bitter battle in court and a violent brawl outside her house on Thanksgiving Day, Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry seem to have called a truce.

On Thursday, the Cloud Atlas actress, 46, and her model ex, 37, “reached an amicable agreement” over the care of their 4-year-old daughter Nahla, Berry’s attorney Blair Berk stated after a hearing in Los Angeles, E! News reports.

Berk concluded: “There will be no further statement on the matter.”

Aubry, wearing a black sport coat with dark sunglasses to mask his bruised face, was present. Berry and her fiancé Olivier Martinez were not in attendance.

The settlement comes one week after the brutal brawl between Aubry and Martinez at Berry’s California home on Thanksgiving. Following the fight, an emergency protective order was put in place.

Aubry pled with a family court judge on Tuesday to lift a restraining order which keeps him at least 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and his daughter. But the judge denied Aubry’s request.

Meanwhile, LAPD Commander Andrew Smith tells PEOPLE the violent Thanksgiving fight is still under investigation. “Our officers have initially concluded that Aubry was the primary instigator,” he says, but adds it’s too early to determine whether the case will be referred to prosecutors.

Is it really over? During their custody battle over Nahla, there have been allegations of abuse, a custody evaluation report, and child support payment court orders.

What do you think?

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  1. Hmmmm me thinks G was right all along… perhaps there was damning video evidence of Oliver starting the fight and therefore Halle did the easiest thing to settle rather than deal with more drama! Hope it’s true and they can put this nonsense behind them!

    • @ Eliz

      You must not get out much. It has been determined that Gabriel started to fight by hitting Olivier first. He got the worst of it due to his lackluster fighting skills.
      Is it not possible that Gabriel came to his senses after having his story proven to be less than truthful?

      • yeah but the reader of this site are pro Aubry so even if he did start the fight it doesn’t matter it HAS to be Berry’s fault…

      • Halle Berry was in court on Tuesday asking for an extension of Aubry’s restraining order which, if granted, would have prevent him to have any contact with his daughter forever. Two days latter, she forgets the restraining order, agrees on a truce settlement and doesn’t even bother to show up in court and you take that as a proof that it’s G.Aubry who backed down….Really?

    • If there were “damning video evidence of Olivier starting the fight”……. the police would have arrested HIM instead of Aubry.

      • Anonymous- why would they arrest Oliver now??? they already called it mutual combat and advised NO ONE would be prosecuted. Based on history of this couple (what read in media of course) I believe if Halle Berry had a good case she would not have settled. (just one persons opinion of course). But it seems odd you file a permanent restraining order one day and settle the incident a day or two later… Also, her lawyer came out and said this will be last statement regarding this incident. If Halle, Oliver and child are in fear of Gabriels uncontrollable anger they would not want this incident “swept under carpet”.

        • Lots of people do things in the heat of a moment that they wouldn’t normally do. I doubt she wants to keep her kid away from her father. I doubt Aubry wants to fight every person he meets. I doubt Martinez walks around beating the crap out of people.

          Maybe now that they’ve all calmed down, they have been able to rationally come to an agreement. Doesn’t seem that far-fetched to me.

    • You must prefer the tall, light and violent types. By all accounts, she’s single…… but don’t expect him to be able to have your back…… because he’ll likely be laying down on his own.

  2. It was a set-up who worked too well. Martinez and Berry had thought of the witness, of turning the camera down, of the “citizen’s arrest”, but they had just not anticipated that Aubry would not fight at all. The injuries of both men are enough to dismiss the claim that it’s Aubry the danger to Nahla. Now I expect Berry to dump Martinez in the coming week and put all the blame for this PR desaster on his shoulders.

  3. The beauty that both Halle & Gabe have is definitely overshadowed by their ugly ways. I guess the past really does play into the present. Being confused of race, abused mentally/physically by father and lover etc. etc. Placed in homes, not feeling wanted and short tempered etc. etc. Both have quite the backdrop story packed with tumultuous events. At EOD, I pray they come to their senses so Nahla’s has a fear chance at being sane!!! FOOLISHNESS needs to STOP! Nahla is a beautiful blessing they both created, and if they don’t understand that on their own the court needs to step in and make them with serious consequences if they fail to comprehend what that means! Olivier you need to stay in your lane. Nahla is not your child and never will be!

    • So well said. The only true victim is nahla. As parents they need to recognize this. You never get a “do over” when it comes to childhood

  4. I just read on another site that “amicable settlement” included the following:

    1. All medical and legals bills of Gabriel will be paid by Halle and Oliver (without admitting any guilt)

    2. Olivier will NOT be present in the future during the times that Nahla is dropped off and picked up between Gabriel and Halle.

    • Hmm…you didn’t see the part where no over details were released. It’s likely that your other source is incorrect.

    • NYC Mommy You sure know a lot about this subject. You are on here daily writing 4-5 posts about details that are suddenly discovered. You seem a tad unbalanced and stalkerish if you ask me.

      I don’t know I think you are a bit of a loser for taking such an interest in this site, particularly Halle Berry. If I were her and read those site and how many comments you contribute- I would file for a restraining order.

  5. Does that pic of them swinging Nahla make anyone else sad? Because that’s what this situation is–it’s SAD. It’s sad that these two people have come to this, it’s sad Aubry got brutally beaten by an ex-pro boxer while his 4 year old was inside, probably aware of what was happening on some level. It’s sad that Halle has done almost everything she can to destroy her daughter’s relationship with her father. Regardless of who’s “team” you’re on, pictures don’t lie and Nahla always looks like she loves and trust her dad and he obviously won’t give up on her. It’s scary to think two people who used to be in love and happy could come to this. At the end of the day, no one of us know what the hell is really going on in their world but I think we can ALL agree that the person being hurt the most is Nahla. I hope this served as a wake up call to all of them.
    I personally think there’s something extremely shady about Olivier. It was widely reported that the reason he and Kylie Minogue broke up was because he cheated on her while she was undergoing chemo for breast cancer. There are also numerous blind items out there that a lot of ppl think are about him, how he has several mistresses in France. What he did to Aubry’s face is shocking and brutal. I think he’s a shady, shady man.

  6. I am a child of a divorce. I am the child of a mother who did everything she could to punish my father.

    From what is reported in the news, it appears to me that the child would be in a better position if Halle could love Nahla as much as Halle loves Halle. Halle’s love of self and love of drama will damage the child in the long run.

    Poor child, my heart breaks for her… bless her heart.

  7. Nahla is sooo cute in that picture above. I saw pictures of Olivier out a few days after the fight with bandages on his hand. It was like at least 4-5 days after. Seemed fake to me. And he never seemed to be hiding form the paps, I saw a video of him smiling and talking to them! He and Halle make me sick.

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