Carey Hart Shares New Pic Of Pink Breastfeeding

On a family trip to Paris, France, Carey Hart took to Instagram this week to share a lovely new photo of his wife Pink and their daughter Willow.

“@pink Willz and i out to dinner in Paris. Looks like willow is having the best meal!” he captioned the shot of the singer breastfeeding their 17-month-old.

Along with other celebrity moms like Mayim Bialik and Alanis Morissette, Pink has been open about her attachment parenting philosophy. Tweeting her response to this year’s controversial TIME magazine cover on extended breastfeeding, she wrote:

“I felt that the article in TIME on attachment parenting was unfortunately a tad extreme. I support attachment parenting 100%… And have a very happy and healthy little girl to show for it. It’s time we support what’s healthy (breast feeding) instead of judge it.”

What do you think?

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  1. All for breastfeeding, but isnt 17 months old a little too BIG for that? The kid would have teeth by now, ALL of them,lol (almost) I think the kid is a little too old once they can eat food like us its time to stop with the breast she probably still breast feeds cause she has no breast otherwise.

    • What do you care if she breastfeeds a 17-month old?

      I can see you’re ignorant because you also think a 17-month old has all of their teeth, but I can’t figure out why you “think” someone shouldn’t breastfeed their own kid.

    • Some babies start getting teeth at 3 months, a friends son was actually born with one tooth. So should people with 3mth olds not nurse? Of course not!
      Wish people would educate themselves before they say things.

    • i’m sure if you did a simple google search on the “natural weaning age for humans” you’ll find that it’s 2.5 years, and the World Health Organization says that breastfeeding until 2 and beyond is what’s best. she proabably still breastfeeds because she knows this.

    • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I despise people like you! Do some research and you’ll find that “normal” human weaning happens between ages 2 and 7. Pink’s daughter is the same age as my son and I’m still breastfeeding him, teeth and all. I commend Pink for her breastfeeding success!!!!!!!!!

    • Infants get their teeth at six months. Would you like her to stop then? 17 months is a remarkable achievement! I’m not sure why people believe that once a child turns one their breast milk is magically no longer nutritious. Little Willow is lucky to have this opportunity. is a great resource for you to educate yourself!

    • Nina, don’t you have homework to do or something? Or maybe you should check out a more age appropriate web site. Obviously you aren’t a parent & don’t seem to know much about parenting.

    • Like the poster said below, breastfeeding is recommended until the age of 2. But really, it always comes down to what works out best for mother and child. Glad to see she is breastfeeding! It seems like a lot of mothers are shamed out of doing it once the baby becomes more than a year.

    • Why is it that so many people think that 1 year is a magical age when a baby must stop drinking human milk and start drinking mik from a cow? Where was such an idea founded; perhaps from those who decided babies should drink powder from a can? Isn’t it better that she breastfeeds her 17 month old rather than just shrug her baby off to formula that is so lacking in what a baby needs and contaminated with harmful chemicals like BPA? I think if anyone is to be criticized or scoffed at it should be all the mothers that aren’t willing to put forth a little effort to do what is best for their babies!

  2. Recommended age is 2 years and if both mother and child have desire to continue that’s great too! Breast milk doesn’t lose it’s benefits. And most toddlers are eating regular foods with breast feeds in between.

  3. Why did she take a photo of her breastfeeding while in a restaurant and post it on twitter unless she whated to attention from it.

    • I think she certainly wants attention from it, if by attention you mean that she wants to show what a normal activity is. There’s no boob hanging out (like the puritans always complain about).

  4. One of my friends still breast feeds her kids and they are ages 12, 8 & 2 but do agree that there should be a age limit that your kid his for a mother to stop breast feeding which is the age where you can no longer pick up your child cause of them being to tall and big for you to hold on your lap!

    My friends son who is 12 well his friends at school found out he is still being nursed and they make fun of him all the time and he wants to stop being nursed but my friend insists he be nursed a little longer.

    • Um – how is your friend FORCING him to nurse? You can’t force a child to nurse and you certainly should not force them. To me that sounds like an issue beyond and unrelated to breastfeeding. It sounds like SHE has an issue within herself. Breastfeeding is not wrong when it is still mutual. If she is somehow forcing(???) him, that is what needs to be questioned. I don’t understand how she can force a 12 year old….

      • I know I’ve told her that she shouldn’t force him to be nursed and I feel so bad for her 2 oldest kids! I also told her she needs help and would help her get the help and if she doesn’t and the police found out she is gonna look at jail time and she told me to shut up and I said ok but if you get in trouble don’t be crying to me in asking me to bail you out!

    • I have a feeling this person maybe trolling and the comment is to provoke a reaction. I don’t believe anyone for one minute nurses a 12 yr old, Whether or not the 12 yr old would want to aside, most children loose the ability to nurse by 7yrs old (when they loose their milk teeth).

  5. Go Pink! Go Willow!
    Way to show that breastfeeding doesn’t end with infancy! I love this! I wish I could have nursed my little ones in Paris. We never got past the Caribbean- boo! hopefully my 2 yr old’s limited geographical bf’ing experience won’t prevent him from marrying Willow in 20+ years! Pink would be an awesome mother-in-law!

  6. Thanks for sharing the breastfeeding love! Willow is one lucky baby to have such a strong mama and a father that fully supports her right to nurse and is proud to share it with the world. Thank you Pink and Carey for just doing what works for your family and helping normalize breastfeeding in the process.

    Have you seen the poster that is going viral of this photo?

  7. I personally would not breastfeed at 17 months as I think its a little too old. With that said, I absolutely think that every mom should do what they think is best for their child, and I commend Pink for doing that! Every mom and child should have their own healthy routine and should never be judged for (or not) breastfeeding at any age. Willow seems like a happy girl and Pink a good mom, thats all that matters!

  8. I was thinking of starting to wean my 9 month old daughter. This picture just inspired me to keep going and remember my original goal of breastfeeding her until the recommended age of 2. Good for Pink and good for Carey for being so supportive. Pink has become an amazing role model for mothers everywhere, especially us new 1st timers.

  9. I breastfed for 20 months and dare somone to tell me i was wrong for doing that. I think it is wonderful that she is nursing her baby. Women need more positive role models!

  10. LOVE IT. I am so glad to see stars who nurse in public, nurse past a year, talk about it openly….I am all for anyone who is not afraid to stand up and say “this is normal, this is best, and I am not afriad to show it”. Good for her. I was horribly disappointed when my youngest spontaneously self weaned shortly after her first birthday, if she hadn’t I would gladly have continued to nurse her at least another year. Excellent job, Pink, your daughter is a lucky little girl!!!!!

    • It’s easy to get huffy about breastfeeding…. Those of us who have done extended breastfeeding (beyond a year) are usually quite passionate about it. Your question is valid. Yes, it’s quite normal biologically speaking for a 17 month old to be breastfeeding. Not the societal norm in the US but more and more of us are doing it. That’s why we get so defensive… We are trying to change the norm!

      Breastfeeding is so much more that nutrition, it helps the child’s immune system develop and protects them at the same time – which it should be noted that a 17 month old’s immune system is not fully developed for some time still. So we are designed to breastfeed well beyond a year – this benefits the child. Breastmilk has hormones, enzymes, bacteria fighting cells, virus fighting cells and so much more …. It really is an amazing substance.

      If a mom is able to practice extended breastfeeding, it is a gift to her and her child. I miss the wash of calming hormones you get when you breastfeed. Made me a better mom, a calmer mom. My kids are now grown – both successfully weaned between 2-3 years of age and seemed to be doing just fine.

      Sorry if we jumped on your question. I hope you can read more about breatsfeeding and support those who choose to do it beyond a year. To breastfeed, is a personal choice. But to be successful at breastfeeding, that takes a supportive community. Thanks to Pink for helping build that community!

      • depending on what the mother’s diet is. I do not really think human milk is healthy either, with all the garbage in food, fluoride in water, pesticides, etc…

    • Nina, the wording of your question was a tad offensive. Unless and until you have raised a kid or two yourself, you’re hardly in a position to judge, question or mock the choices parents make for their kids.

  11. If you do your research there are still benefits to nursing past 12months. I’m will continue to nurse my 17 month almost 18 month for as long as I see fit. Not only are there nutritional benefits after a year there are benefits to the child’s mental health. The child’s ability to cope with stress, along with anxiety and depression. A 12 that’s absurd and don’t even believe it! Once breast feeding pat a year becomes more”normal” in society view,I should say the US, then we get on with educating people more. I also believe the World Health Organaztion recommend 2-7 years as long as both child and mother desire. I recommend you do your research before you judge and comment. If there anything I can do as a mother to counteract the genetics in regards to my daugther’s mental health then I will do it and I am.

  12. LOVE it!! I am nursing my 2 week old as I type! I nursed my 3.5 year old until she self weaned the week she turned 2!! A healthy nursing relationship between mommy and baby is awesome! Way to go Pink!!

  13. I don’t see what the problem is. My friend doesn’t breastfeed and her daughter is very healthy and chubby, my little brother was breastfed until he was 2.5 and he’s got a ton of allergies and and asthma and ecsma. So from what I know a child can be healthy or unhealthy regardless so it’s entirely a mother’s choice and shouldn’t be judged.

    • There is plenty of research to show that breastfeeding is much healthier for the child and the mother. Just because you know of one example where that is not the case doesn’t prove that research wrong, and it doesn’t mean that your friends baby had all those issues because of the breastmilk.
      It’s like the people who say they don’t wear seatbelfs because they once heard of someone who died from injuries caused by the seatbelt……..

  14. I am still breastfeeding my 3 year old and yes there is no way you can force an older child to breastfeed. there are times when I do wish my son would wean but wll let him (for now) wean in his own time.

    lol just as I was about to post this he came and asked for boobie.

    I do not offer to him at all now if he asks I will let him nurse within reason like he wont get any if we have to go out or he has nursed about 10 minutes ago or I just dont feel like it at that point

    • Nope, they learn quick not to bite. And if they do it isn’t to hurt you it’s because they are teething. Just offer them something else. But the yelp once scares the kid usually enough to make it a very rare occurrence. At least for me.

  15. @kayla.
    My son is getting his 6th tooth and he isnt even 10 months yet. He still nurses like a champ!
    Way to go pink!

  16. I think people should mind there own business. Breast feeding is the most important thing you can do for your baby. It gives them extra defence against getting sick and should be done as long as mom is comfortable

  17. I breast fed my son until he was over 2.5 years and only stopped because I am pregnant and it was too painful to nurse. He still asks for it from time to time. We do lots of cuddles and he strokes my face to sleep. I was one of those people who thought, my god a two year old isn’t that too old. But now that I have children of my own, I realize 2 years old is still quite a baby. Plus my kid was barely sick, compared to his sister who only breast fed for 6 months and compared to my friends with formula fed kids. He also has a better palate for food, because kids are exposed to different foods through the milk.

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