Fred Savage: We Haven’t Named Newborn Son

Fred Savage surprised Twitter fans earlier this week, saying, “He’s here,” The Wonder Years alum wrote Monday. But why the lack of details in the birth announcement? As it turns out, baby Savage is yet to be named.

“We started this really tough thing for ourselves where we just left the hospital with no names and wanted to live with the baby for a little while,” Savage, 36, admitted to Us Weekly at Details magazine’s Hollywood Mavericks event Nov. 29.

But Savage and wife Jennifer will be deciding soon as their son’s birth certificate paperwork is due Friday afternoon.

“We had some names in mind so . . . we’re narrowing it down,” the proud papa — also dad to Oliver, 6, and Lily, 4, shared.

In related news, Savage’s younger brother Ben also made headlines this week — there will be a sequel to his popular ’90s series Boy Meets World.

“Ben’s thrilled! He’s very excited,” Savage confirmed of the 32-year-old, who will reprise his role as Cory Matthews in Girl Meets World.

Any name suggestions for Fred and wife Jennifer? Maybe Kevin or Arnold?


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  1. How can you be pregnant for 9 months and can’t think of a name? And then the baby is born and you still don’t have a name? I bet they’re trying to pick something stupid to out-do all of the other stupid names.

    • There other kids are named Oliver and Lily, so I highly doubt that they are trying to pick something stupid. Many people wait until they meet their baby and can discover their little ones personality, some also choose a name and then decide that it doesn’t fit, so it really isn’t that uncommon for people not to have a name when bub is born.

    • Agree. This is bizarre. I’ll bet 99.99% of kids have a name before they leave the hospital. I’ve heard of people having several names and waiting until they see the baby in the hospital to choose. This is plain weird.

  2. My hospital would not let you take the baby home until you filled out the birth certificate. Guess celebs really DO have different rules.

    • That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. No hospital can hold you hostage because you haven’t named your child.

    • I’ve had three kids in two hospitals, and one at home. No one at the hospital ever implied I couldn’t take my baby home if I didn’t name them. They just said if you didn’t turn in the Birth Certificate info before you left the hospital you had to come back to do it or file it on your own.

  3. Yeah, it’s not that unusual. I used to hear of people waiting to name the child when I was a kid, back in the 80s. Sometimes people want to wait and see what kind of personality they have. The kid wont even know what their *real* name is for a while, anyway.

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