Ben Affleck’s Skipping Sweetheart

Good Will Hunting star Ben Affleck was spotted on Thursday (December 6) with his    sweet Seraphina as they stopped in at the Brentwood Country Mart for a beverage. The 3-year old looked adorable wearing her grey jacket with a big heart on the front and back over top of her blue dress.

The pair were photographed the day before (December 5) at the same location after dropping off Sera’s big sis, Violet, at school.  The tot skipped along holding on to her daddy’s hand.

The family – including mom Jennifer Garner – celebrated Violet’s 7th birthday this past weekend by taking the girls and Violet’s friends to the mall.  The party attendees took home their own stuffed bear that they made at the Build-A-Bear store.

Baby Samuel, 9 months, didn’t attend the birthday bash with his big sisters.

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    • I don’t think he has a favorite. I think because Sera only goes to school parttime and after they pick her up, they just take he to her favorite place afterwards. The same thing happens when Jen picks her up.

      Violet is in real (all day) school and Samuel is probably with mom on set in NOLA as he is still being breastfed. I

  1. When Sera was born, someone also criticized that Ben only carried Violet, Ben was never seen with Sera, blah blah blah. Time for a change, uh?

    • A joke?? Or maybe they are just normal parents with a normal child that likes to dress herself?! My son (who will be 3 in February) loves to pick out his own clothes, I’m sure celebrity children are no different!

  2. Violet’s very pretty also. I wouldn’t compare them, they are each cute in their own way and definitely look like siblings.

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