Jennie Finch: “This Pregnancy Has Flown By”

Olympic mom Jennie Finch is partnering with Shout® to encourage families to seize the moment, get a little dirty and live life out loud! With the holidays upon us, there is no better time to indulge in cooking, crafts and the outdoors, and Jennie says we should embrace a little mess to enjoy “those precious moments with your kids.”

Jennie opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “terrific” sons – Ace, 6, and Diesel, 17 months – who are into flag football and Mickey Mouse. The softball star, 32, also talks about her third pregnancy that has “flown by” and her excitement about finally having a girl.

CBS: Tell us all about partnering with Shout® to encourage families to get a little dirty and live out loud. Why did you get involved with this campaign? What’s it all about?

JF: “I’m really excited to be partnered with Shout®. Together, we are on a mission to encourage families to get a little messy and embrace all life has to offer. And as a mom of two boys with a baby girl on the way, I can tell you that Shout® is used often at my house.

I’m an advocate of having fun and enjoying those precious moments with your kids and not letting potential messes get in the way of that. Also, with the idea of living life to the max in mind, Shout® has a really cool new app on their Facebook page called Reprogramming America for Fun. The video takes images from your profile and compiles them into a personalized video meant to encourage you and your children to seize the moment, get a little dirty and live life out loud. You can check it out here.”

CBS: Congratulations on your third pregnancy. How are you feeling?

JF: “Thank you, we are so thrilled to be expecting our third — and a sweet baby girl. I’m feeling good, thanks. This pregnancy has flown by. I think having two others to look after has helped the time pass by so quickly.”

CBS: Do you have any girl names picked out yet? Are you looking forward to having a daughter?

JF: “No name set in stone yet. We have it narrowed down but still keeping our options open. I love southern names and have gotten some great suggestions. We just think it will be so fun having a baby girl with two big brothers to look after her. That’s how it was for me with my two older brothers, so we’re looking forward to that.”

CBS: Are Ace and Diesel excited to have a sister? How do you think they’ll respond to the new addition once she arrives in January? How are you preparing the boys for their new sis?

JF: “Ace will be terrific! He is six now and becoming more and more excited. He is a ton of help as well, and is a great big brother already. Ace has started picking things out for her and coloring pictures pink for her.

Diesel is 17 months so he doesn’t really understand quite yet, but he will soon. He is our rough and tough one so we are already planning ways to keep her safe! She will be one tough cookie, that’s for sure.”

CBS: What is your birth plan? Did you have natural births with your boys?

JF: “We induced with both boys due to Casey’s baseball schedule. We had them during baseball season, so we scheduled things so Casey would be at home. Even though we can’t wait for our little girl to arrive, we are looking forward to having her come in her own time.”

CBS: How are your boys doing? What are they into?

JF: “The boys are terrific. Ace is playing flag football at the moment. It’s growing on him. He is reading everything. It has been so fun to have him discover the world and be able to read books, signs, menus, and anything he can get his hands on. He loves to play with Diesel and be outside.

Diesel is a huge fan of Mickey Mouse. Mickey lights up his world! And he loves to be outside, too. Thank goodness we live where he can be outside this time of year. They both enjoy playing with our dogs and going for rides on the 4 wheelers.”

CBS: How do you and your hubby make time for each other amidst a busy household and careers?

JF: “It’s not easy, and like a lot of parents we struggle in this area. We love being with our boys and with me traveling so much for work, we hate to spend a night out. Usually it’s just quiet dinners and nights at home as a family. Many times, too, we will go out for a lunch date while Ace is at school. We just enjoy the time we have whether it’s a few minutes or we’re outside playing with the boys all together as a family.”

CBS: How are you planning to celebrate Christmas? Do you have any special family traditions?

JF: “We are looking forward to Christmas – it’s my favorite holiday. I’m so excited to have my family out to Louisiana to celebrate. I can’t wait to bake cookies with both of my grandmothers, our boys, and cousins.

Due to the baby coming in January we are blessed to have the family making the trip out to us. The idea of having our house full of four generations makes me so happy. We can’t wait.”

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  1. “partnering”?? She’s a paid spokesperson – there’s nothing inherently bad about being paid to shill, but “partnering” almost implies this is charity work or pro bono.

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