Will Ferrell & Magnus: Flying Duo

Will Ferrell & Magnus: Flying Duo

Will Ferrell and his 8-year-old son Magnus were seen at LAX airport in Los Angeles, Calif. on Saturday (December 8). Mattias, 5, and Axel, 2, weren’t with them.

The pair stood together amd waited in line for their bags to be checked through security.

The comedic actor is sporting a mustache these days and also graces the current issue of Port magazine. In the interview he talked about the time he met Lorne Michaels in person.

“I thought I would be funny with him. So I brought a briefcase filled to the top with $100,000 in fake money. I was just gonna open the briefcase and spin it around and say, ‘Lorne, look, we can talk till the cows come home. We all know what really talks. Money. So I’m gonna leave this on your desk and you can take it or leave it.’ Then I would walk out.”

Recently Ferrell participated in the We Hate Hurricanes benefit. The comedy fundraiser was for the victims of Hurricane Sandy with proceeds going to the non-profit AmeriCares.

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