Irv Richards & Brooke Mueller’s Twins: Bookstore Time

Max and Bob Sheen spent time with Irv Richards in Calabasas, Calif. on Wednesday (December 12). He took them to Barnes & Noble to read books.

TMZ reports that their mom Brooke Mueller is back in rehab for Adderall addiction. It is the 19th time she is trying to clean up her act. Denise Richards is lending a hand and is taking care of the twins.

The boys stayed with Denise and her three girls the last time Brooke went to rehab.

On Dec. 8 Mueller was greeted by the Los Angeles County Dept. of Children and Family Services –  who showed up at her house to search for signs of drug use.

Officials also questioned the twins and checked for signs of physical abuse. However the only thing found was an old cigarette butt on the floor in the master bathroom.

Mueller’s attorney stated, “Brooke continues her lifelong battle with drug addiction by taking these steps herself to prevent a further drug relapse.”

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  1. This is really nice to see – for all the instability these boys have had in their short lives, I’m glad Denise and her father are willing and able to step up and provide them with a safe and seemingly loving home. I hope Brooke is successful in her fight with her addictions.

    • Wow..
      I really never was a fan of Denise Richards.
      But now, when I see, that she and her dad take care of the half brothers of her daughters she really has my deepest respect.
      That’s so great for that poor little guys.
      I think, Denise must have a big heart to take care of the kids of her ex. Amazing!

  2. Adorable pictures. Denise’s dad seems like a really good guy and a very involved father/grandfather. The boys seem very comfortable with him. I hope they all have a wonderful holiday and hope Brooke finds the strengh and guidance she needs to fight her demons.

    • So true!

      I mean, sure, it’s great that Denise took on her ex-husband’s kids, but for her FATHER to step up like that too? I admit, I’m just a little bit smitten with Irv? 🙂

    • I caught a few episodes of the reality show Denise had on E! A few years back and her father did seem like a very sweet and attentive father/grandfather.

    • NYC Mommy- I totally agree! It takes a strong woman like Denise to step up and help those kids and takes a good man like Irv to treat them like his own grandchildren. I have become fond of Denise over the years (minus her reality show…yes I watched that) but not just any ex-wife would do this. I do hope Brooke gets it together. I’ll admit, I can’t stand Brooke, but I pray she cleans up for good this time. Not only for her sons, but for herself, so she can be the best mother she can be for her boys. I would be very thankful to Denise, a very kind and classy act on her part.

  3. Aw, this is cute. I love that even Denise’s father is there to help. And they seem to be fine with it.

    I seriously hope Denise does adopt the boys soon to give them a stable home.

  4. How sad that these twins have 2 losers for parents that Charlie’s ex wife’s father has to take care of them??? Some people should not be allowed to have children. Charlie is the biggest POS.

  5. Cannot believe Denise’s dad is playing grandfather to the twins. Denise and her dad are amazing people -putting the lives of children above any stupid bickering. they are both amazing and Charlie and Brooke are so blessed to have Denise and Irv in their lives. Classy family!

  6. Deni’se dad is a lovely man – have always thought that from what I’ve seen of him on television and this just confirms it.

  7. Brooke Mueller is a joke. 19 times in rehab? Get a clue! If you don’t love your kids enough to get clean and sober, your are clearly too self absorbed to have even had kids in the first place. Bless Denise and her family for giving these boys some semblance of a normal, loving home.

  8. This is heart warming! What a fantastic man! a guy who has even less connection to them than denise but he is going above and beyond.

    What i especially love about this is that while the boys do need stable parents i believe Charlie has even less to do with them than Brooke so its great for them to have a positive male role model in their lives. I love they are doing something fun and educational as well.

    They are still young so hopefully not too much damage has been done. Denise and her father will take amazing care of them and I’m sure they will love being surrounded by the three girls as well.

  9. What a sweet picture! DCF just needs to take these children away from their mother. 19 times in rehab? (I know addiction is a disease, but geez. You have to WANT to get better and get clean, if not for yourself, then for your children). Give them to Denise Richards…at least she could raise them with some morals, class, dignity, and stability. I shudder to think of what they would be like if they were taken away from their mom and given to their dad, though. Talk about straight from the frying pan into the fire!

  10. Ok, now this strengthens my faith in humanity!
    God bless Denise and her dad for the amazing job they’re doing raising her gorgeous kids and taking care of other’s. She deserves the best <3

  11. Denise has really matured from the time she was pre-Charlie, to when she kicked him out while she had baby Sami & was 7-8 mo preg. w/Lola, for cheating with strippers and doing drugs, to now. She is raising her 2 girls w/Charlie
    (8 & 7 ) + she adopted a baby girl, Eloise, who is 1, & now she is bringing in her children’s 1/2 brothers & being the stable parent (not by blood) jin their lives. What an example )a good one for once. Her dad is such a good man too!

  12. I can’t believe that these 2 little guys are actually normal with all the drugs their mother did. It’s really a blessing! Denise and her dad are two amazing human beings. There should be more people in this world like them <3

  13. I couldn’t agree more with the above posters.
    These boys appear to have a WONDERFUL support system around them. I think these photographs are very telling as well. They seem comfortable and happy around this man, and one can assume he has spent considerable time bonding with them, despite them being “unrelated” to him. It really is heart warming 🙂

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