Liev Schreiber & Naomi Watts’ School Run

Liev Schreiber & Naomi Watts' School Run

Actors Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts walked hand-in-hand with their 5-year-old son Sasha after school in New York City on Friday (December 14). Later joined by their 4-year-old son Kai, the Watts-Schreibers were seen catching a cab on a chilly NYC afternoon.

Liev recently opened up about juggling their busy careers and family life — admittedly with some guilt.

“They are growing up too fast and it’s tough to leave them,” Liev shared. “When you are working as much as Naomi and I are working, there’s some guilt. I want to be present and experience all the milestones. Both of us are getting pulled so I don’t take time with them for granted. Every day with them is remarkable to me.”

Naomi recently premiered her new flick, The Impossible. She’s also going to be in a movie based on Princess Diana’s life.

Meanwhile Liev is filming his newest flick in town, Fading Gigolo.

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