Neve Campbell Explains How She Chose Son’s Name

Neve Campbell recently explained why she and J.J Feild chose Caspian for their son’s name.

According to People – the actress said during a Monday appearance on The Talk, “We looked through a lot of books and I liked the idea of a unique name. I like having a unique name — it’s [my mom’s] maiden name, Neve — and not a lot of people have it. It’s nice having something special and different and so I wanted something like that for our son.”

Before Caspian was born they had a list of five choices but when he arrived they made their decision.

“We decided that we’d wait and see and meet him and then decide. And … when  he was born we realized we could only remember one and that was Caspian, so it seemed like it was right.”

Neve is appearing in the ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy while J.J will be in the comedy Austenland with Keri Russell.

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  1. It’s funny how the explanation is everything almost everyone does. You want a unique name, something uncommon, and go through a book.

    • There really are a lot of uncommon names in the baby books though.
      It’s just that most people are attracted to the ones they’ve heard before, the ones the neighbor kids have, or different spellings of the same old names.
      If you want a name that is truly ‘unique’ then you’ll have to just put sounds together and make up your own, or name your kid after a fruit.
      But if you just want a name that isn’t common, there are many, many choices in the baby books.

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