Best Of 2012: Favorite Celebrity Picture Of The Year

We can’t get enough of our favorite celebrities and their beautiful families. So to finish up our 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards, we’re asking you to vote for the best celebrity picture of the year.

Did Chris Hemsworth make you swoon as he cradled his newborn daughter India? Did you love the photo of Alicia Silverstone breastfeeding her son Bear Blu in the baby carrier? Did Pink and daughter Willow melt your heart as they celebrated their first Mother’s Day together? Cast your vote in the comments!

In the comments below, please tell us your favorite celebrity photo of the year.

What do you think?

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  1. Pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar with her little ballerina Charlotte Grace!
    Sarah is smart and a good person, a talented actress and a wonderful mother, Charlie is a doll.

  2. Matt Bomer’s Big Hug with his and SImon Halls beautiful children. It shows the beauty of family–ANY AND ALL FAMILIES–and especially demonstrates the love Simon and Matt have for each other and their children. The perfect family to show the Supreme Court of the US before they vote on same-sex marriage.

  3. In my opinion – 1st place: The Denisof-Hannigans dressed as sea-horses
    2nd place: Chris Hemsworth holidng newborn India
    3rd place: Matt Bomer and sons
    4th place: Naomi Watts and her little fella

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