Claire Danes On Post-Baby Body, Joys Of Motherhood

New mom Claire Danes, 33, radiated the red carpet at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (January 13). Less than a month after giving birth to son Cyrus, her first child with husband Hugh Dancy, the Homeland star wowed in a red Versace gown.

When asked how she dropped all the pregnancy pounds so quickly, Danes told Us: “I haven’t yet! I am very strapped into this dress,” she joked after accepting the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a TV Drama.

She added: “This is Versace, and they are really masters of illusion. I literally can’t go to the bathroom unless I take the entire dress off. So, there [are] some serious things involved here.”

And she didn’t gain too much weight during her pregnancy.

“I was on my feet a lot during the pregnancy,” she said of shooting Homeland nearly to full term. “I was working hard. So I didn’t have an opportunity to gain much.”

And it sounds like she’s enjoying every moment of new motherhood.

“It’s been a huge joy, this experience of becoming a mom,” she gushed. “I don’t know how to articulate it yet because it is so fresh.”

It was her first night out since welcoming her son in December. “I’m kind of startled to be in this scene, because I’ve been so sequestered,” she said. “I’ve been in baby world.”

She added: “I get some sleep, but I just think, like, ‘Okay, it’s another 4 a.m. call, which I have a lot on set, working in film and television.’ So I’m sort of used to being sleep deprived. But this is taking it to another level, and there isn’t a weekend off. There’s no break.”

She went on to say that motherhood is “delicious and the best thing ever. So it’s very motivating — the smell, just the scrumptiousness.”


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  1. She is such a hypocrite. She gave an interview to a British Magazine stating that she could never be a full time mom because she loves her career “more than anything”. When she was pressed further she admitted that she loves her child but did not believe she could raise him full time. Who says that? Her child will read one day that he was not her top priority from day one. Pretty screwed up.

    • Tara- women have many ideas about motherhood and how they will handle it before you have kids…. When the baby is actually born your ideas change. You never know how you will feel until child arrives. She just changed her mind hardly a hypocrite. 🙂

  2. What is with the Claire Danes haters here? I have read (and re-read) this article, and I see noithing offensive about it. I also see nothing with being a working mom because you want to be (not just because you have to be) and I also see nothing wrong with your thoughts on parenting evolving over time (especially once you have a baby of your own). Cut her some slack already.

    • Nothing at all wrong with working mothers by choice or not. What I do have an issue with is someone who makes a statement that she is the priority in her life and not her child. This could be understandable if your child is perhaps in school, but to make that parallel with regards to your newborn is shocking. I admit I have never liked her so I am biased but to equate being a full time mother as being “mind numbing and unfulfilling” which she did state verbatim in Marie Claire is nothing but judgement on her part. Then to contradict herself makes me question the integrity of her beliefs.

      • Sounds like you have a lot of insecurity or regret about your own choices in life. You are taking her opinions about what’s right for *her* way too personally.

        • You are assuming I am a stay at home mom. I work outside of the home but I would never judge anyone who makes the sacrifice to be a full time mom. Calling them mind numbing and unfulfilled is incredibly arrogant and reaks of her insecurities. This interview was done on the web a week ago – so it was after the birth of her child because she described her labor.

      • Have you considered that maybe the interview she did was prior to her becoming a parent? And that perhaps what she said was taken out of context, happens all the time in the media.

        • Duh it’s posted on a blog so why should we care what YOU think. By the way everything you always say on here is negative so get a life loser!

  3. I haven’t followed her much and am not terribly familiar with her but from what I do see and read I feel she comes across as very full of herself.

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