Cameron Douglas Fails Drug Test In Jail

It seems that Cameron Douglas isn’t getting any better in prison. The 34-year-old son of Michael Douglas was recently sent to solitary confinement after he was found with drugs in his system earlier this month. The New York Post reports a prison insider said he “failed a urinalysis” in the first week of January.

Cameron is currently serving a nine-and-a-half year prison sentence at the Metropolitan Correctional Center. In 2010 he was sentenced to five years for both possessing and selling drugs. Then he was slapped a longer sentence late last year for smuggling drugs in the jail.

He has reportedly been beefing up physically and getting prison tattoos. An insider revealed, “He recently had his initials inscribed on his neck and big stars on his shoulders, with each year of his incarceration in each star: ’10, ’11, ’12. And he’s currently getting a scroll on his back. They are being done by his best prison pal, Billy Trent, and he’s paid over $1,000 so far for all the ink.”

Dad Michael is doing all he can to help his son. He  appeared in a Manhattan court in December on behalf of his son to ask for his prison sentence to be cut. Cameron is not eligible to be released until 2018.


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  1. This is just too much, he deserves to stay in jail, because obviously he does not want to get better. Sorry Michael, I really like you.

  2. Daddy Mike Douglas plead to the judge for a shorter sentence. This was very wrong. Mike Douglas is a very rich man who has no concept at all of what a sociopath son he has mis-developed (perhaps Mike should be in jail with his son). The judge in this case has one responsibility AND THAT NIS NOT TO TREAT CAMERON HILTON DOUGLAS FOR HIS MENTAL OR DRUG PROBLEMS. THE JUGES RESPONSIBILITY IS TO LOCK MIKE DOUGLAS’S KID UP SO HE CANNOT HURT SOCIETY ANY MORE.

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