Snooki Shares Advice For Kate Middleton

When the royal baby news first broke, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shared a few words of wisdom for mom-to-be Kate Middleton. The Jersey Shore star, who is mom to 4-month-old son Lorenzo, continues to dole out the advice for the Duchess of Cambridge.

“Advice to be a mom: don’t panic,” Snooki told Celebuzz. “Everything comes maternally. Honestly, I don’t even know how to hold a baby. I wasn’t good with kids. And everything just came so naturally. I feel like I’m the best mom ever.”

And it sounds like the pint-sized reality TV star has no worries for the royal baby.

“Honestly, that kid is going to be set for life because they’re, like, quadrillionaires,” she said. “Guaranteed, right when the baby pops out it’s already going to have a security guard. So it’s all good.”

Snooki’s No. 1 piece of advice for Kate? “Don’t freak out!” she advised.


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  1. Hahahahaha. I can’t stop laughing at this. Thanks Snooki, for your words of wisdom. I’m sure the world (and the whole of Britain) was waiting with bated breath for this valuable advice.

  2. Ummm Snooki, I’m pretty sure The Duchess of Cambridge, future Queen of England would NOT take a single word of advice from YOU! Laughing out loud that Snooki thinks she is in a position to give advice about anything to anyone. Kate has more class in her clipped off toenail than you do in your entire being. Go away Snooki, I’m sure Kate doesn’t even know you exist. Stop trying to make yourself relevant. Oh and by the way…being a “quadrillionaire” doesn’t make for a good mother. It only proved to everyone, once again, that all you think about is wishing you were famous and mega rich. But yes, you are correct….the royal baby will have a body guard…it already has one!!

  3. Stop embarrassing yourself Snooki. And lose the stupid name and go back to being “Nicole” and try to raise your son with some morals. Your 15 minutes are O.V.E.R. The only reason anyone knew who you were was because of your embarrassing life.

  4. Oh and I’m sure IF Duchess Catherine knew who you were, she would give you some advice too….stay away from the plastic surgeon’s office. Now your face looks as fake as your personality. #shame

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