Celebrities Share Must-Have Items From Boom Boom Room

Fashion insider and celebrity baby shower stylist Jayneoni Moore rolled out the red carpet at the Boom Boom Baby Room event, featuring the latest must-have baby products – such as Leapfrog, Bratt Decor, Funkins, Quinny, Maxi Cosi and Daddy Scrubs – in Hollywood, Calif. on Friday, January 11.

At the event, mom-to-be Lisa Ling opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her favorite items at the Boom Boom Room. “There were so many great products,” Lisa said. “This is honestly my first introduction to the whole baby product thing, because I have been working the whole time. I’ve been blown away. It’s definitely overwhelming, but there have been incredible products. I was really excited about the chemical-free detergents by Molly’s Suds that you can use on adult clothes as well. I am definitely going to be purchasing a lot of that stuff.”

And her sister, Laura Ling, joined in on the fun.

“All of the Leapfrog stuff is really great, and we like their products. It’s neat to see what new things they have.  They have a product that teaches kids about the human body, and my daughter’s really into learning about the organs, muscles, and stuff like that. That was great. There was also a mineral-based sunscreen called Tickle Time. As a parent I learned to apply sunscreen religiously, and I am interested in using that product.”

The Young and the Restless star Eden Riegel also talked about her favorite products from the Boom Boom Room.

“The guavamitts were very genius and well-designed,” she shared. “I like how they protect little babies from scratching themselves. I also loved the Phil & Ted strollers; they seemed really cool and smooth. I also liked the guy who was customizing the Child to Cherish piggy banks. He did a gorgeous job! Just stunning. Those products were definitely my faves.”

Soon-to-be dad-of-two Ian Ziering stopped by the fun event and shared some of his must-have items.

“Jayneoni’s Boom Boom Room is a gathering of some of the top children’s products that are just hitting the market,” he shared. “What’s nice is that it’s all under a philanthropic umbrella; there is a charity event that is attached to Boom Boom Room that raises money and gathers books for impoverished schools. This is just a fantastic event.”

He added: “My daughter’s first exposure to Play-Doh just happened, and she did pretty well. I was a bit apprehensive; she is at such a young age that she would just drag the Play-Doh all over the house and smear it on everything. She demonstrated to me that she is capable of sitting at a table and playing with the Play-Doh. It was fantastic. The Baby Bedside 3-N-1 Changing Station is also so innovative.  The woman running the booth is such a creative mother who took her fantastic idea and made a product and is just getting the word out. The Once Upon A Tree House booth was our first stop, and we also stopped in a booth that is all about little baby tea parties.”

“That’s something that I do all the time with my daughter,” he continued. “Our first tea party was when she was about eight months old, and she loves it; she is all about the tea parties now. She was overwhelmed with excitement when we went over to that booth. She got to play with a beautiful tea set and they put a tiara and princess tutu on her. This kind of made it tough, because she didn’t want to go when we had to leave the booth. Boom Boom Room is a fantastic event, as we can make new friends, see new products, and help raise awareness for a great cause.”

Mom-of-two Samantha Harris also talked about her favorite items with us.

“There were so many fun things,” she said. “Once Upon A Tree House is a new line that I hadn’t known about before. It offers these great handmade little dolls and these wooden dollhouses that are just beautiful. Those were really fun products. Honestly, this has been the best Boom Boom Room; it really has blown me away. I love learning about new products. LeapFrog has the new LeapPad 2, which I am really excited about. That’s one of my daughter’s favorites, as she has the older generation one. It’s so wonderful, because it teaches her about reading and learning. To her it’s a game, but it has a great educational benefit.”

New mom Kelly Stables also opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her top picks from the Boom Boom Room event.

“I loved the Latchy Catchy and Back Buddy, which I think might be my new buddy,” she shared. “I am very excited to try it out on my back. I also loved the heart beat stuffed animal, My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, because it records your baby’s heartbeat. I with I would have had that when I was pregnant.”

Singer Nikka Costa also shared her must-have items with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

“I’m overwhelmed by all the stuff that was there!” she said. “I liked the Back Buddy Support Pillow, and the guavamitts were very cute. I also liked the plastic food musher that you put the baby’s food in, and the baby chews it and it slowly disintegrates. That was pretty cool. I also liked the Philips AVENT nipple for bottles.”

Actress Cree Summer shared some of her top picks from the fun event.

“I loved My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, because you could record your heartbeat on it so baby can sleep with your heartbeat,” she said. “I also loved the Baby Bedside 3-N-1 Changing Station that slides under your mattress. It is great, because in the middle of the night you don’t have to get up to get your changing gear; you literally just reach into the side of the bed and pull it out. It’s super smart.”

Actress-singer Nika Futterman also talked about her favorite items from the Hollywood event.

“I loved The Giggling Garden, which is a beautiful garden kit for kids,” she shared. “It’s great, as it teaches kids about eating healthy, growing, and being a part of that whole process. I also love the Monkey Mat, as it is such a simple idea; it is a clean surface that you can carry with you everywhere. The Monkey Mat is great because when you bring your kids places, it can be dirty everywhere. I love ideas that are simple. I also loved the picklepeas onesies that have the little snap-on bibs.”

Film producer Tee Ashira Hobson also talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the must-have items at the Boom Boom Room event.

“With five children, I would say the Play-Doh, the Monkey Mat, and I love Phil & Ted strollers,” she shares. “Everything here at the Boom Boom Room was great.”

Actor Kenny Johnson shared his favorite items from the event.

“I’ve always been a huge DaddyScrubs fan,” he said. “My daughter loved so many products.  She liked the Play-Doh, as she had played with it before and now she gets to make fun stuff like cupcakes. That’s going to be awesome for her. They also had these great Majestic Home beanbag chairs that are made out of recycled objects like tires. They are pretty awesome. What’s always great are the skincare products, as they are all-natural and BPA- free. I am now so kid-conscious and anything organic and BPA-free is wonderful.”

Actress Mari Morrow also shared her top picks with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

“I love the dog bed by Majestic Homes, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with babies. I also loved the Teething Bling, which is a bracelet for moms that doubles as a teething ring for babies. I also loved the Tag Tailz ponytail holder for girls.”

Actress-singer Adrienne Frantz talked about her top picks from the Boom Boom Room event.

“There are so many great products at the event. I really like the DaddyScrubs, because I think they are very cute,” she said. “I am not pregnant yet, but I think it would be great for the new daddy to wear the “I’m The Daddy” scrubs in the delivery room.”

Erica Campbell from Mary Mary shared her favorite items from the Hollywood event.

“My favorite product are the guavamitts that keep babies from putting their hands in their mouths,” she shared. “I also love the Once Upon A Tree House dollhouses. There were so many awesome products! Also, I loved the Molly’s Suds laundry detergent, because it is organic. My kids have eczema, so it’s perfect for them. I have an armful of great products.”

And her sis, Tina Campbell from Mary Mary, chimed in on her favorite items from the event.

“I’ve used the guavamitts, and they are a lifesaver for my baby,” she said. “I also liked the Baby Bedside 3-N-1 Changing Station, as it houses all of the products that you need when you’re changing the baby. I am really looking forward to using that. The shea butter products and creams were great, because my kids have eczema. I think the products that stand out the most are definitely the guavamitts, because I’ve used those and plan to go back to using those to protect my son from scratching himself. The baby station also stands out, as I am all for convenience; I have four kids and cute and cuddly is great, but convenience is realistic and I like it.”

And actress Isabella Palmieri shared her top picks with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

“I got so much stuff that I am so excited about!” she said. “I got this piece of art from Luca & Company that’s so cute. I can’t wait to hang it up. I also got a pretty Child to Cherish piggy bank with little birds on it, as well as this really cool backrest from Majestic Homes! It’s so cool; I can’t wait to use it!”


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    • gemma, it’s a freebie fest, but the attendees are mainly d-listers. Calling them Hollywood elite is a gross exaggeration!! You would never see stars (Angelina, Gwen, Halle, Nicole, Julia roberts.etc.) there. Seriously….

  1. I attended this event, it was well worth the price of the ticket, I was introduced to so many great vendors and new products. I did win a raffle for a high chair, however it never came in the mail as promised :(( Otherwise, the event was fantastic!

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