Celebrities on Joys of Parenthood, Balancing Work & Family Life

Fashion insider and celebrity baby shower stylist Jayneoni Moore rolled out the red carpet at the Boom Boom Baby Room event, featuring the latest must-have baby products – such as Leapfrog, Bratt Decor, Funkins, Quinny, Maxi Cosi and Daddy Scrubs – in Hollywood, Calif. on Friday, January 11.

At the event, Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with some of Hollywood’s parents – such as Eden Riegel, an expectant Lisa Ling, and Samantha Harris, to name a few – and chatted about the joys of parenthood. “The first time she called me ‘Daddy’ was such a beautiful moment that I will never forget, said Beverly Hills, 90210 star Ian Ziering about his now-1-year-old daughter Mia.

He added: “There was a moment, very early on when Mia was around 9-months-old. I was playing with her in the backyard, and she was on her little walk and wheel equipment. I pushed her out and I turned my back a little so I could pick up a ball, and she screamed, “Daddy!” This caught me off-guard, because she had said daddy before, but it was never focused. This was the first time that that word and label were focused and pointed at me. Just to see that connection was so overwhelming. I teared up a little bit.”

The soon-to-be dad-of-two went on to talk about balancing work and family life.

“It’s a trade-off,” he shared. “The time before having children is very different than the time after having children. It’s a trade-off from fun to joy. You just have to embrace the joy and accept that it may be a little less fun, but that fun is certainly replaced by all the joy. My cup runneth over.”

Mom-to-be Lisa Ling opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her upcoming baby shower.

“I am not really planning for it,” she said. “I am not good at party planning and stuff, so I am leaving it to others to help me out with that.”

When asked what excites her about impending motherhood, Lisa had us laughing.

“I wouldn’t say that ‘excited’ is the word, more terrified [laughs],” she joked. “After 39 years of life, all of a sudden we are going to be responsible for another life. It’s been fun being selfish, but I think we are ready to take on this challenge. I am looking forward to trying to raise a really strong little girl.”

And don’t miss out on Lisa’s upcoming TV shows.

“My show Our America is coming back to OWN on January 22 and I have a show called The Job that airs on CBS on February 8,” she shared.

The Young and the Restless star Eden Riegel gushed about the joys of motherhood.

“Wow, there are so many,” she said. “The first steps, obviously, but another very special moment was when he first said my name and asked for me. He knew who I was, and that was pretty spectacular.”

Mom to 1-year-old son Jack, Eden went on to share some of her best advice on juggling work and family life.

“I guess the only advice I have is that being fulfilled – having a career if that’s what you want – I think makes you a better parent,” she shared. “Give yourself what you need to be a whole person and really be there for your child.”

Mom-of-two Samantha Harris also talked about some special motherhood moments.

“I love when I walk in the door after a long day at work and both my daughters, ages 2 and 5, come running down the hall, trying to outrun each other to get to me first for hugs,” she gushed. “It’s the best feeling in the whole world.”

On balancing career and motherhood, Samantha said it’s a “juggling act.”

“It is a juggling act, like any other working mom has,” she said. “It is a lot of give and take, but I don’t mind. I am happy to make my husband and my kids happy.”

Singer Nikka Costa said: “I have a six-year-old girl, and every day is a motherhood moment. It’s a crazy ride, but it’s awesome.”

She went on to say, “I am making a record right now, and it will be out in the fall. That’s exciting, and I’ll also be touring.”

Actress Cree Summer shared a very special motherhood memory with us.

“Oh my goodness, I had a beautiful home birth with my daughter Brave Little Wing, and I am about to do it again on February 15,” she said.

When asked how she balances motherhood and her career, she kept it real: “I don’t [laughs]. It’s a constant juggling act. It is a constant search for balance.”

Actress-singer Nika Futterman opened up to us about juggling work and motherhood.

“I have the coolest career ever, because I do cartoon voices for the cartoons like Handy Manny, Fanboy and Chum Chum, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” she shared. “The great thing about that, in comparison to a regular on-screen actor who has to be on-set all of the time, is that my hours are semi-flexible. That helps a lot, and it makes it perfect for having kids.”

Erica Campbell from Mary Mary shared a glimpse into her busy family life.

“Last night, my daughter woke up at 3 and after I put her down, my son walked in at 5 because he wanted to sleep with mommy,” she said. “My husband said, ‘You want to sleep with daddy?’ and he said, ‘No, I just want to sleep with mommy.’ I was like, ‘That’s kind of difficult, because we are in the same bed son!'”

Erica went on to talk about her upcoming projects. “The second season of my reality show is on We tv, and the album is in stores. We were nominated for two Grammy Awards and two Image Awards. It’s been a really good year for my sister and I,” she shared.

And her sis, Tina Campbell from Mary Mary, chimed in on her favorite part of motherhood.

“What I enjoy the most about being a mom is the love that my kids give me,” Tina said. “I can be so frustrated and exhausted from all of the responsibilities, breaking things, getting things dirty, sicknesses, and all that kind of stuff, but then they just smile and it takes everything away. It’s so rewarding; the smiles and love they give you make everything worth it.”

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