Elton John & David Furnish Introduce Son Elijah

Meet Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John!

Proud papas Elton John and David Furnish were all smiles as they introduced their newborn son to the world in this week’s issue of PEOPLE magazine.

Arriving on January 11th – two days after his due date – with both of his fathers in the delivery room, baby Elijah was born to the same surrogate that birthed his big brother Zachary two years ago.

“We tried to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere,” the 65-year-old singer states. “We were excited at the prospect of Elijah’s birth as we were at the prospect of Zachary’s — but much less nervous.”

When the couple – who entered into a civil partnership more than 8 years ago – decided just before Zachary’s first birthday in December 2011 to expand their family, they knew they wanted to use the same surrogate.

“She is a wonderful, kind and loving woman,” Elton comments, who thinks of her as “part of our family.”

The doting dads – who used the same egg donor for both boys and have chosen not to find out either of their son’s paternity –  intend to eventually tell their sons about their birth circumstances.

“We kept a scrapbook for Zachary with all his scans, emails with the surrogate and key moments from the surrogacy, and we are doing the same for Elijah,” explains David. “We want the boys to understand the spirit and love that was at the heart of the process.”

“All we hope is that Zachary and Elijah are healthy and happy,” David continues. “They will always be able to rely on us for total love and support, and we hope they grow up to live their own lives and be who they want to be, not who we want them to be.”

Congratulations to the happy family!


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  1. I don’t understand, if they are using a donor egg and donor sperm, why not just adopt? They could help a baby that is already born or will soon be born.

    • It doesn’t say they used donor sperm. It’s quite possible they each donated sperm and they just don’t chose to find out which sperm actually fertilized the donor egg.

    • I agree with you. Why not adopt? With all the money they have, the process would have been easier than for most people. Gosh if you can adopt, do it. It will still be a baby you’ll be raising. Not a monkey. (If you love a child because it came out of you, you have important issues. Selfishness, maybe?)

      • They tried to adopt a little boy they fell in love with, but were not allowed to adopt him. I forget what country he was from.

        • Obviously not all countries will allow a gay couple. But they could adopt within the US or even from Canada. Or one could adopt as a single parent. And it’s not like this kid was the only one. I mean please. So many more options.

  2. Tula: They have openly talked about how they submitted both of their sperm “blindly” to the lab and don’t want to find out which was ultimately used or, if both were used during fertilization-whose sperm fertilized the egg(s).

    I love Elton and think this is the best way to handle it. I have no predjudice about gay couples having families in whatever ways they see fit, but what does really concern me is when gay-or straight for that matter-couples/individuals choose to use donor eggs and/or sperm and then take the stance that they are all their children should want or need and then deprive them of the right of knowing the circumstances surrounding their births and paternity. We all have the right to know who makes up our DNA; if not as children, then certainly as adults.

    • I am 46 years old and unless there was some dire medical need to know, I can’t imagine the situation where I’d care about the make up of my DNA.

  3. They are using both of their sperm so they don’t know which one is the father unless of course they did a dna test. I love the idea.

    • Sure, how FUN!! Let’s all play “Let’s-have-a-kid” and guess who the daddy is! This stuff should not be legal. We’ve lost all traces of common sense in our society. Nature, oh nature, where are you? Children are not goods sold to satisfy a customer. Sad, sad, sad.

  4. This is sick. Two young boys being raised by two gay dads. The surrogate should demand her children back to protect them from the psychological damage that will affect them in later years.

    Children need a mother and a father in order to develop into healthy individuals

  5. I was in McDonald’s one day with my daughter who was playing in the play area after eating watching her and trying to read some of my book as she played. A white male gay couple came in with a beautiful little black boy of about 4 years old. It was obvious they were educated professionals by the way they were dressed, talked, and acted and the little boy was dressed beautifully and expensively as were his dads. It was also obvious that they doted on the child fussing over him like 2 mother hens; however – the little boy looked very sad, confused, and miserable. There was a black mother there with her two young children and his little eyes focus on her and her children and I could swear I saw longing in them. He whined and whimpered and was a bit rebellious when each of them would pick him up to try to soothe him but they never lost patience with him or raised their voices although they did disagree among themselves (from what I could hear and observe without being too obvious and rude was that one dad was “pampering & hovering” and the other dad was showing gentle but “tough love”). The thing that brought a catch to my heart was the apparent unhappiness and confusion of the child and the way he focused mostly on the black mother in the place. While it was obvious that the couple loved the child & took excellent care of him sparing no expense according to the expensive name brand clothes and shoes he was wearing it was also obvious that he was miserable and acted as if he’d much rather be with the black mother there that he seldom took his little eyes off of (that the black mother also couldn’t help but notice because her eyes were on him as much as her own young son and daughter). I saw flashes of anger in her eyes which I kind of understood although she tried hard not to show her obvious disapproval & concern for the child because of his unhappiness. He didn’t appear to be sick; just plain miserable. One dad was overheard to say to the other, “You’re spoiling him” while the other dad replied back “You’re being too hard on him”. All the money, attention, and excellent care in the world can’t heal the heart of a child who only wants & longs for a mother who looks like him. At least that’s what I observed in this instance. When the couple left with the still whining and whimpering child (one carrying him in his arms even though he was four years old and resisting) I didn’t miss the sudden tears of compassion in the black mothers eyes. I realize this may sound “old school” but to me – sad – for everyone – at least in this instance. “Action” can often speak louder than any words ever could…

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