Russell Simmons & Daughters Attend Producers Guild Awards

Russell Simmons posed on the red carpet at the 24th Annual Producers Guild Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with his daughters Ming Lee, 13, and Aoki Lee, 10, on Saturday (January 26). His girlfriend Hanna Nitsche was his date.

It was a special night for Russell for he received the Visionary Award.

“Throughout his career, Russell has accomplished the kinds of things that only a true visionary can,” said 2013 PGA Awards Chair Michael DeLuca. “He has seamlessly bridged the worlds of hip-hop music and filmed entertainment through poetry, comedy and music, offering viewers and music fans alike not just a reflection of themselves, but a hopeful glimpse of a world filled with art, joy and compassion.”

At the event Russell kept fans informed and Tweeted: “So many great producers and accomplished actors here ..l. Chris tucker was amazing jessica alba on now. LL giving me award soon”


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    • Who knows maybe you are right and maybe are wrong. Too be honest most models and especially black models are unattractive. They are just skinny and because skinny in our minds (i don’t believe these lies) is sexy anybody with stick figure body is attractive. But I say all that to say, maybe they wont be models but I can tell you now it wont matter because of who and their parents are, they don’t need to be a silly model they will own the modeling agency. Trust these little girls have no desire to be in the limelight unless they are hawking their own business because thats what they were taught.

  1. So cute! You can see in their faces that they are so proud of daddy 🙂
    And I’m sooo happy to see kids actually dressing like kids! Not trying to be sexy and showing way too much skin! Lovely girls 🙂

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