Tori Spelling Shares Photos Of Her “Mini Toddlerista”

Could Tori Spelling‘s eldest daughter Stella, 4, be following in her mother’s creative footsteps?

In a recent post on, the proud mama-of-four shared some snaps of Stella holding up a tiny animal print dress that “she designed with a DIY Fashion kit” she received as a Christmas gift.

“Although I helped her with the construction (cutting and sewing) of her piece, she designed a dress all by herself,” Tori gushes. “Talk about a proud Mama moment!!!”

“She wanted what she called a giant ‘furball’ on the one shouldered creation,” Tori writes about her daughter’s creation. “She made it by taking strips of fabric and scrunching them up in a thimble. Such a resourceful toddlerista!”

“I think it’s super on trend and I’m very impressed with my 4 year old fashion designer! I think she has a big future!”

What do you think?

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  1. (shudder)

    The word “toddlerista” and the pose/expression on this kid makes me very, very happy that I do not have a daughter. Even if my daughter didn’t grow up to be like this herself, she would certainly have classmates like this, strutting down the preschool hallways with hand-on-hip and sneering at the clothes the other kids are wearing.

  2. Okay, this adding “ista” to everything Stella does is super annoying. Stella is cute, but honestly, she is not a pilgrimista, a toddlerista, or a fashionista. She’s four. Maybe it’s me, maybe I need to lay off the crankiness today, but seriously, Tori says really dumb/silly things sometimes…all the time.

  3. I have a daughter and she, nor any of her many friends or classmates have ever strutted with hand on hip. I am sure it is purely Tori’s influence on her daughter. She seems to want her daughter to grow up way too fast and annoyingly.

    • It obviously comes down to how a child is raised, but I am pretty sure all kids who have access to toys have this phase at a really early age. Almost all their toys are grown-ups doing grown-up stuff!

    • Jenn, never say what your children and their friends have never done. You may find that your child is completely different when you are not around.

  4. My 4 year old granddaughter is still dressing her Minnie Mouse dolls in polka dot frills. Thankfully she hasn’t moved on to off the shoulder leopard prints.

  5. I don’t think it’s any big deal. They seem like a close family unit, doing all sorts of fun things with the kids, ski trips,visits to farms, etc. One pose with a little thing she “designed” herself is nothing to warrant negative comments. Relax.

  6. I agree it’s how they’re raised. I’m sure Tori had an influence on her on how to act. Look at their son, he’s got a fresh mouth and the things that come out of it. At that age, I didn’t know what that stuff was. Where did he learn it? His parents.

  7. This little girl is so cute but the hand on the hip and the smug look is a constant. She looks like a diva but should just be a little girl. I think the reality show has a huge influence on Liam’s foul mouth and Stella’s hip action. These parents need to get these poor kids out of Hollywood or else I see a Lindsay lohan situation in the future…hope not.

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