Celebrity Baby Scoop Launches Spinoff Site HerScoop!

Celebrity Baby Scoop is happy to launch our spinoff site, HerScoop!

HerScoopHerScoop is a content sharing lifestyle blog, promising to give members a critical look at today’s top stories — from staying healthy during pregnancy, to chic fashion trends, to the latest health updates for the whole family, to current events, along with giveaways for fabulous swag.

Check out the latest article over at HerScoop, taking a critical look at today’s paparazzi and our favorite celebrity children.

Did you know that it’s illegal to publish photos of children taken by the paparazzi in England and France? But in the United States, there are no restrictions.

So whether it’s a red carpet event, or a preschool pick-up, or a Sunday afternoon stroll, there’s no rules for photographers who shoot (or some would say hunt/stalk/exploit) high-profile individuals and their families.

Celebrity parents like Tom CruiseGwen Stefani, Salma Hayek, and Victoria Beckham weigh in on this controversial topic. Head over to HerScoop to read more…

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