Jennifer Lopez’s Twins: Calabasas School Run

Jennifer Lopez’s twins Max and Emme were seen being dropped off and picked up from their school in Calabasas, Calif. on Friday (February 8). Max wore a New York jacket while Emme wore a pea coat.

At one point Emme did an energetic jump while heading to the car.

Jennifer relationship with 25-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart appears to still be going strong.

Smart was invited to Marc Anthony’s son Cristian’s birthday celebration last week. Lopez’s ex-husband also brought his girlfriend Shannon de Lima.

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  1. I don’t like Emme’s wardrobe/style. I look at it and feel like she gets all her clothes from Walmart or a store like that.

  2. Who cares if her clothes were from Walmart! But really, come on, it appears that Jlo would only buy her kids the most expensive clothes money can buy, so probably not Walmart.. but I can’t believe a person would say that. About a kid. Who cares where your clothes are from! That doesn’t define who you are. Grow up.

  3. Too bad they do not go Violets school.! Calabas really who lives there? She lives
    In Beverely Hills ! Thanx for the great pix of her kids while she is off at the Grammys!

    • Mom and Dad must be doing something right for the kids appear happy and smiling. Just because she has nannies, bodyguards etc, doesn’t mean she isnt raising her kids. Stop hating!

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