Natalie Portman Carries Her Cutie

Natalie Portman spent a day with her family at Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena California on Saturday (February 9).

At one point the actress picked up Aleph, 1 1/2, and gave him a ride on her shoulders.

The tot will be moving to Paris with mom and dad Benjamin Millepied in the near future. Millepied was recently named as the new director of the Paris Opera Ballet. His new job will start in September 2014.

He said, “I certainly knew about the position, but I also knew that there were candidates from within the company. I was surprised, but I felt very quickly that the artistic dialogue between us was an exciting one. After a while I did feel there was a really good chance I might get the position. Which made my head spin.”


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  1. I didn’t at the beginning but now i’m starting to believe those rumors that this kid is Darren Aronofsky’s child and not the dancer she married.

  2. He’s a baby! How more critical can you be. He will change he will develop into his looks. No need to judge and no need to hate, it’s just flat out rude to all you out there who criticize babies.

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