Melissa Joan Hart Hosts Operation Shower, Talks Breastfeeding & Babies

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch alum Melissa Joan Hart is a busy mom-of-three sons – Mason, 7, Brady, nearly 5, and Tucker, 5 months – with husband Mark Wilkerson. On Wednesday (February 13), the actress hosted Operation Shower/Birdies for the Brave baby shower for 40 military moms-to-be whose spouses are deployed. The “over-the-top group baby shower” was proudly presented by baby bedding company Carousel Designs.

Celebrity Baby Scoop caught up with Melissa at the charitable event “devoted to showing appreciation and support to military families.” The mom-of-three took the time to gush about her “great baby” Tucker who is “such a joy,” and her older boys who “LOVE” playing with their new brother. She went on to discuss breastfeeding, returning to Melissa & Joey this spring, and her thoughts on baby No. 4.

CBS: Tell us about hosting Operation Shower for military families.

MJH: “Operation Shower is an amazing organization that has teamed up with Birdies for the Brave to give military moms-to-be whose spouses are deployed an opportunity to enjoy an over-the-top group baby shower to thank them for the many sacrifices they make at home while their spouses are deployed. Many of these moms would not otherwise have a baby shower, so it’s wonderful for these two organizations to put these showers on and make the moms feel appreciated and special.

Each shower honors between 30 and 40 military moms-to-be, and each of the moms receives an enormous amount of gifts, including Operation Shower’s signature “Shower In A Box” filled with everything you can imagine for the babies and moms.

Most importantly, the moms have a chance to meet and share camaraderie with other military moms in the same situation.”

CBS: Why did you get involved with this event? Why is this cause important to you?

MJH: “I think every baby and every mom deserve to be celebrated, and as a busy mom myself, I cannot imagine what these moms are going through. To be handling everything at home, especially while pregnant and sometimes with other children to take care of, while their spouses are in harm’s way is just unimaginable.

Operation Shower and Birdies for the Brave are devoted to showing appreciation and support to military families, and being involved is my way of saying thank you to these amazing moms for everything they do on behalf of our country.”

CBS: How is baby Tucker doing? We love seeing pics of him on your Instagram! What kind of baby is he? Is he letting you get some sleep these days?

MJH: “He is a great baby, extremely happy, always smiling and just such a joy. He slept great at the beginning, but these days I’ve been having a lot of sleepless nights as his sleeping habits change. He also had a double ear infection recently, which caused a lot of sleepless nights for both of us…so it has been hit or miss.”

CBS: How are Mason and Brady adjusting to big brotherhood? Do they like helping you with the baby?

MJH: “They are great big brothers and LOVE playing with Tucker. [They love playing] on the floor with him, giggling and just having fun.”

CBS: What are Mason and Brady into these days?

MJH: “They are both into hockey, Mason loves amphibians, and Brady is into dice right now for some reason [laughs].”

CBS: Are you feeling ready to get back to work on the set of Melissa & Joey this spring?

MJH: “I am really looking forward to it. We have an awesome cast and crew, and this should be a great season with lots of exciting guest stars and some new story lines with the kids.

It will be a lot different this season, though, because I will be breastfeeding. At the same time, it will be really nice to have my family close by, so it will feel more like home on the set.”

CBS: How is breastfeeding going?

MJH: “Breastfeeding has been great, though as a busy mom it has been difficult sometimes trying to get in shape. However, I am trying to make it a priority.”

CBS: How do you balance work and motherhood?

MJH: “Like a lot of moms, sometimes it’s hard to juggle work and family, but it’s also been so much fun. I feel really lucky to be able to do both.”

CBS: Considering you come from such a large family, have you dreamed of having another baby one day? If so, would you like a girl this time around?

MJH: “We just feel so blessed right now and are enjoying the time with the kids. We wouldn’t be opposed to having another baby at some point, but it would not be just to have a girl.”

MJH is pictured above with Leah Sicat of Carousel Designs.

Carousel Designs’ West Point Classmates/Owners Jonathan Hartley and Allan Sicat, along with marketing manager Leah Sicat, also seen chatting with Melissa.


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  1. I’m glad she said that about maybe wanting another child and it not having to be a girl. People get so spun up about the “gender” of the baby. Any baby, regardless of gender, is a precious blessing.

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