P Diddy’s Father-Daughter Date Night

How cute are they!

Proud papa Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs attended his first father-daughter dance Friday night with his adorable twin girls Jessie James and D’Lila Star, 7.

Before the dance he tweeted, “On way to my 1st father daughter dance!!!!! I’m so EXCiTED!!!!!!!!”

Rumor has it, P Diddy wants to become a judge on The X Factor, but isn’t holding his breath when it comes to Simon Cowell, telling The Sun, “Simon’s pockets are kind of tight, and I have these six kids to feed, so he needs to step up.”


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  1. I know he’s not always treated their moms well, but he seems to be trying to be a good dad for his kids. Its a positive image of black fatherhood. I appreciate that. Plus his kids are beautiful.

    • Hi Anton can you tell us how you know…he’s not always treated their moms well.
      My apologies if you happen to be a blood reative which I very much doubt .
      All men are not saint! Becham, Prince William, Rooney, Brad Pitt, my self included as I have a Chinese student Mistress out of curiosity….

  2. So sweet! Diddy seems like a wonderful father to all of his kids, particularly his three young girls 😀

    What exactly about it is “creepy” @english gal?? It’s not a purity ball for God’s sake! This is just a picture of an involved, loving father having a fun night out all dressed up with his two little girls. Contrary to what a lot of modern society would like for people to believe, the support and involvement of a loving, responsible father is something that’s totally irreplaceable. Why the negativity?

  3. They are so cute.. Seems like he is a great father, not a good boyfriend or husband.. but I guess he steps up where needed. World Swimwear featured his rumored girlfriend Cassie. Wonder are they going to have any children.

    • Great fathers treat their children’s mother with respect. Respect is not screwing another woman while you are in a relationship.

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