Holly Madison: “I Am So Excited To Meet The Baby”

Mom-to-be Holly Madison, 33, has been hitting the Las Vegas circuit during her first pregnancy. The former Playboy model radiated the red carpet at the grand opening of Cee Lo Green’s new show Loberace at Planet Hollywood on Saturday (March 2) in a pale blue maternity top and black tights.

Just days before she is due, Holly opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about “feeling great” during her pregnancy and her excitement about impending motherhood. She goes on to talk about her plans for a natural birth, breastfeeding and a “very unusual” name for her daughter. Continue reading about how Holly plans to leave her Playboy past behind and embrace motherhood, marriage, and a new career path.

CBS: Congratulations on your pregnancy. How have you been feeling?

HM: “I’ve been feeling great! I am in the home stretch, and really have only started feeling tired and uncomfortable in the last few weeks. I’m so excited to meet the baby!”

CBS: We read that you had to be hospitalized due to morning sickness. Tell us what happened.

HM: “I came down with a few days of really severe morning sickness in my second trimester, when all the books say you should be over morning sickness. I couldn’t stop throwing up, so I had to go to the doctor and get an IV and nausea medication.”

CBS: Are you nervous about becoming a mom or do you feel ready?

HM: “I’m a little nervous. This little person will be dependent on me 24/7, so it’s a lot of pressure.”

CBS: What are you most looking forward to as a mom? Do you think motherhood will change you?

HM: “I’m sure motherhood will change me – I feel like it already has! I am more assertive and no-nonsense than I used to be. I have less patience for BS. I am most looking forward to seeing my daughter’s personality unfold before my eyes as she grows.”

CBS: How have you been taking care of yourself during the pregnancy?

HM: “I’ve been healthier than I have ever been in my life. I’m eating healthier, making green smoothies every morning and doing yoga and Pilates. And let’s not forget all the prenatal doctor’s appointments! I’m sure most moms can remember feeling like they practically lived at the doctor’s office during pregnancy.”

CBS: Are you excited about having a girl? Any names picked out?

HM: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be starting my family off with a girl. We have a name picked out, but it’s very unusual, so we are not telling anyone until the deed is done.”

CBS: Do you have a birth plan? Have you made any decisions about breastfeeding?

HM: “I want to have a natural birth and I do plan on breastfeeding. My breasts always have a way of making themselves front and center in my life, and here they are again [laughs].”

CBS: Did you and your boyfriend go on a babymoon? Will we hear wedding bells in your future?

HM: “We had a small window of time (between when I quit work and my third trimester) when we could travel. We went to Disney World and to Hawaii, because we knew it would be some time before I could vacation again.

We definitely want to get married, hopefully this summer. I wanted to wait until after the baby comes and after we get settled into our new house so I can enjoy planning the wedding.”

CBS: Are you still connected with the cast from The Girls Next Door?

HM: “Bridget and I are still friends, but that’s about it. I moved away from that phase in my life years ago and never really looked back. My life is completely different now. I always turn down Girls Next Door reunions and whatnot because it’s not who I am anymore. It’s always nice to have a few old friends from different chapters in your life, though.”

CBS: Tell us about your Lucky Pet Products brand you just launched. What inspired you to create the line?

HM: “I’ve always wanted to do a pet line because pets have been such a big part of my life my whole life and I’m always looking for the best, most durable, cutest products for them. Lucky Pet Products also helps benefit my favorite charity, The Animal Foundation here in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to design round 2 of the line, I’m so excited about it.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

HM: “Personally: learning to be a mom and getting back in shape.

Professionally, I would like to do a musical on stage. I’m not interested in doing the same old thing. Any TV project I come out with won’t be another spinoff of what I’ve already done. And no more burlesque for a while.

I would like to produce my own burlesque show eventually, but only after I’ve broadened my resume. I want to do something that makes people roll their eyes and think, ‘What makes HER think she can do THAT.’ That’s how I’ll know I’m on the right track.”


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  1. @Lena we don’t have long to wait she’s checking into the hospital today for an induction. I can’t wait to hear what her and pasqualli name their daughter either

  2. Can’t wait to hear this “unusual name”. I have a feeling it’s going to be something horrendous and tacky.

  3. Wonder why she did not mention Kendra as a friend. You would think that they would all remain friends! World Swimwear had featured her in the cutest ruffle swimsuit in Vegas years ago.. wonder how long before she goes back to that after the baby.

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