Beverley Mitchell Celebrates Baby Shower, Talks Birth Plan

Best known for her roles on 7th Heaven and The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Beverley Mitchell is expecting her first child with husband Michael Cameron. The actress, 32, recently celebrated her baby shower – sponsored by Target and produced by Good Carma Studio – at Zin Bistro in Westlake Village, Calif. Guests such as Lacey Chabert, Amy Davidson and Willa Ford were gifted with Mabel’s Labels and enjoyed goodies from Cupcake Wars winner, Sweet Arleen’s.

Beverley opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her baby shower, feeling “pretty good” during her first pregnancy, her special friendship with Jessica Biel who will be “Auntie Jess” to her daughter, some great mommy advice from pal Hilary Duff, and her “laid back” birth plan.

CBS: Congratulations on your first pregnancy! How are you feeling? Any strange food cravings?

BM: “Luckily I am feeling pretty good…on the home stretch so sleep has been challenging but other than that I am good. Crazy enough I did not have any weird food cravings. The only thing was I wanted one sweet thing a day like a cookie or a cupcake, but only one.”

CBS: Are you excited to be having a girl? Do you have any names picked out?

BM: “I am thrilled to be expecting a little girl – she has already stolen my husband’s heart. We have a few names picked out, but are waiting to decide when we meet her.”

CBS: Do you have a birth plan?

BM: “My birth plan is to get to the hospital and have this baby the safest way for me and baby. That is pretty much it. I have so much trust and faith in my doctor and her team that I know they know what they are doing and will take care of me and baby girl. I am pretty laid back in that respect which is a first for me.”

CBS: Tell us about your recent baby shower. What were some of the highlights?

BM: “Just being able to spend time with my girls and my mom is such a gift. Everyone is so busy these days, so having the opportunity to get everyone together for a few hours and hang out was awesome. It was also pretty incredible that I got to pamper them a bit as a thank you for being so amazing to me.”

CBS: Tell us about your special relationship with Jessica Biel.

BM: “Jesse is like a sister to me. We have gone through so much together and it is pretty exciting to share our next adventures together as grown ups…Jesse is definitely ‘Auntie Jess.’ ”

CBS: What is some of the best mommy advice your friend Hilary Duff has given you?

BM: “Hilary is a sweetheart and just reminded me to enjoy every moment. She has been an incredible source of information and so supportive along the way.”

CBS: What are you most excited about in becoming a mom? How are you preparing for motherhood?

BM: “The thing I am most excited about in becoming is seeing the world through new eyes; seeing this new little person experience things I may take advantage of and fall in love all over again.

I can’t wait to see her interact with my husband and I am sure I will fall even more madly in love with him than I already am. It is an incredible thing when your life becomes less about you and more about another and I can’t wait.”

CBS: Are you planning to take a maternity leave after baby arrives? Or returning to work right away?

BM: “I am taking each and every day as it comes. Right now I am centered on enjoying this time to transition into being a mom, the greatest job I could ever ask for.”


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  1. Wow, I love it when people get paid to schill for a company and actually call it a baby shower and then it gets covered like it’s actual news and not simply a paid advertisement.

  2. I feel like this comes off as a washed-up actress who is famous for a WB show that ended forever ago who is trying desperately to hang on to fame. Like “oh so tell us what your actually-famous friends have to say” rather than earnest questions about her pregnancy. And her baby shower is sponsored by Target? This all seems so hilariously fake and kind of offensive.

    • ITA- you should see the comments on the other celeb baby site where she has a blog.. Holy cr#p. Some seemed to think she was doing it for charity and received no benefit or gain herself *sigh*, but most were appalled at how she was plugging this and that and practically bragged at all the Target sponsored freebies she got. Yep. All the product name dropping for altruistic reasons.

  3. she is with the same mouth position in every single picture, looks crazy. too much bottox, sorry to her fans, i wish the best for her and her baby, sure she will be adorable but beverly’s mouth and smile…mamma mia LOL

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