Tim McGraw & Faith Hill: Family Time In London

Country music’s favorite couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill enjoy some sightseeing in London with their girls – Gracie, 15, Maggie, 14, and Audrey, 12,  on Thursday (March 14).

Earlier in the day – the family arrived at at Heathrow Airport ahead of their concert at the O2.

In a recent interview with Great American Country, Tim talked about watching his daughters grow up, “It’s rewarding and it just sort of takes your breath away to sit back and see them grow into young women, see them gain confidence and self assurance, start pushing themselves out into the world without you pushing them, or holding them back,” he said. “To watch them take bigger steps and bigger steps and grow as people is something that’s pretty amazing.”

“You just hope that you give them a good enough foundation that they can make wise decisions as they get older,” he added. “We feel like they’re really well adjusted, smart, confident young women. That’s the best that you can hope for and then they can go out and conquer the world.”


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    • I love and admire this couple so much. they have always put their kids first no matter what their job is. those kids are growing into really beautiful young ladies. Audrey has always looked like her Mom and Gracie has always looked like her dad. Maggie has been sore of in the middle. she looks like both of them.

    • Mmm,, I think Maggie looks just like Faith, Gracie looks just like Tim, and Audrey looks like neither one. Everyone has different opinions, though. =)

  1. wow I can’t believe how much Gracie, Maggie and Audrey have all changed. It is amazing when I read about them when they were all three little. Now Gracie is singing and dating. watch out Tim.

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