Angela Kinsey On Motherhood And Life Outside ‘The Office’

Angela Kinsey, the single-mom star of The Office, talks about the show’s series finale and being the first mom on the set.

You’re currently filming your long-running show’s series finale. What does that feel like?
The Office has been nine years of my life. The people I work with are not just cast mates; they’re my family. most of us came out to Los Angeles to act, so our families are not here, and that’s the case for me. that’s one reason why these relationships are so strong. I’m sad we won’t get to do this together anymore, but careers should evolve. We’ve been involved in the creative process of saying goodbye to our characters, so in that way it’s fulfilling.

What was it like to be the first mom on the set?
It was an interesting process. First, we had to figure out how to work around me being pregnant and then everything I needed to do as a new mom, like breastfeeding my daughter, Isabel [age 5]. But we made it work, which shows how great the show was. That’s not always how it is in comedy. Coming from the comedy world, I often walk into a room and it’s all men. You have to fight to have a voice as a female comic.

Read the rest of the interview over at Working Mother.

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