Mia Hamm: From Medals To Motherhood

Olympic mom Mia Hamm has been named one of the most influential women of all-time in sports. The soccer star says she’s “flattered and honored” by the title, but “there are still doors and opportunities that need to be opened for young women in sports, including my two daughters.”

Mia opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her three kids – 6-year-old twin daughters Grace and Ava and 1-year-old son Garrett – and the joys of motherhood. She goes on to talk about passing on healthy habits to her kids, and her best tips for raising multiples.

CBS:  Tell us about partnering with Tom’s of Maine and the brand’s Wicked Cool! toothpaste. How did you hook up with them and why is this important to you?  What do our readers need to know about the toothpaste?

MH:  “As a mom and an athlete, I am excited to work with Tom’s of Maine to talk about what’s inside a healthy routine. I try my best to create healthy routines for my family and especially to pass on healthy habits to my kids.

Wicked Cool! natural toothpaste from Tom’s is designed for kids 8+, is accepted by the ADA and doesn’t have the dyes, saccharin or artificial flavors often found in other brands. I also hosted their Wicked Cool! Story Hour and Live Chat, during which I read my book Winners Never Quit and answered questions from fans. Check it out!”

CBS:  Can you tell us about the Mia Hamm Foundation?

MH:  “I created the Mia Hamm Foundation to benefit issues that have affected me. The Mia Hamm Foundation has two areas of focus: raising funds and awareness for families needing marrow or cord blood transplants, and continuing growth in opportunities for young women in sports.”

CBS:  How are your children doing? The twins are 6, what are they into? Do they play soccer or sports?  If so, would you ever volunteer coach their team?

MS:  “They’re very active with gymnastics and softball and just being six year olds at the playground or in the backyard. I initially said I wouldn’t want to coach my child’s team, but now I do understand why parents do take that role. Yes, I would do it but for the time being, I’m happy cheering from the bleachers.”

CBS:  Garret is one. What’s it like having a baby still in the house. How do all the kids get along?

MH:  “It’s great. I’m back to limited amounts of sleep but enjoying every minute of it. The girls are really great helpers and he adores them. They get so excited to see him everyday.”

CBS:  What are your greatest rewards as a mother? Biggest challenges?

MH:  “The greatest reward is seeing them happy and healthy. The biggest challenges are maintaining patience during a long day and balancing the time with your kids while not losing the importance of staying connected with yourself.”

CBS:  Do you have a favorite “mommy moment?”

MH:  “When the kids first smile and you know it’s not gas [laughs]!”

CBS:  With three kids in the family, how do you make sure you get special and equal time with them individually?

MH:  “You try to find moments  — whether it’s running an errand or their activities – where you can make sure you get that one-on-one time so they get your complete attention.”

CBS:  Any tricks to raising twins? What’s the biggest challenge? Do you see any benefits?

MH:  “Take the help when it’s given and be flexible. No matter how many books you read or advice you get, each child is different. Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go the way you expect. Benefits of having twins? I didn’t have to think about playdates!”

CBS:  What are some special activities you like to do as a family? 

MH:  “We like to go to the beach and the park. We walk a lot as a family.  And we like to spend time with our entire family – grandparents, uncles, aunts who are close by.”

CBS:  Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you have any Mother’s Day traditions? How will you celebrate this year?

MH:  “This year will probably be a quiet day followed by a nice dinner.  The girls really like to make cards so I’m looking forward to that. Garret will probably just slobber on me [laughs]!”

CBS:  You and your husband both travel a lot, how do you divide parenting responsibilities?

MH:  “He is a great and active dad, which makes it easy. If it doesn’t work where one of us his home, his parents are close by to always help out, which we’re so grateful for.”

CBS:  Do you still play soccer?

MH:  “Only once a year in the Celebrity Soccer Challenge, which my husband and I started a few years ago. It’s a fundraiser for my Foundation and Grassroot Soccer, founded by Ethan Zohn.”

CBS:  You have been called, “One of the most influential women of all-time in sports.” How do you handle such an important title?

MH:  “I’m flattered and honored but I think there are still doors and opportunities that need to be opened for young women in sports, including my two daughters.”

CBS:  What’s up next for you?

MH:  “The girls are finishing up their first year of school and I have a soccer camp this summer called TeamFirst Soccer Academy that I conduct with my former teammates Kristine Lilly and Tisha Hoch.”

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