Report: Harvey Weinstein & Georgina Chapman Welcome A Son

Congratulations to Harvey Weinstein and his wife Georgina Chapman who welcomed their son on Thursday (April 11).

The New York Post reports the baby was born in New York. A source said, “Georgina and son are doing extremely well.”

Another insider said, “This is a big moment for the family. Although Harvey will always be outranked by women, at least he now has an ally.”

The couple already have 2-year-old daughter India Pearl. Weinstein also has three daughters with ex-wife Eve Chilton – Lily, 17, Emma, 14, and Ruth, 10

The movie mogul told Page Six in December, “We don’t know the sex. It could be Harvey and five daughters. I’d be happy either way.”

In December the designer gushed over India to Celebrity Baby Scoop.

She said, “Being a 2-year-old, she loves running, drawing on everything, sticking things on everything. She’s like a little Tasmanian devil running around [laughs]. She loves being at the office and going through all the fabrics and everything.  She loves fashion already —  she strokes the dresses and goes, ‘Beautiful dress, Mommy.’ ”


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  1. Sorry, but this man is very repulsive looking! What the hell is she doing with him? She is absolutely gorgeous and he looks like something that came out of a ditch. What a total mismatch they are. Wow! I couldn’t even imagine laying next to him in bed.

    • How awful are you? If they are happy that’s all that matter. He deserves to be respected, love and happy like everybody else, no matter what he does look like. As long as he treats her right, why do you care?

      • Oh yes, and you are going to tell me that the first thing you thought about when you saw this pic of the two of them you did not think of the same thing I did right? or wrong? About how gross this man looks and why in the heck she would be with him and not with someone that looks half decent other than this slob? Give me a break Lola!

        • He is also a sleeze ball. He treats women horribly and is known to be a womanizer. No doubt she is with him for the money. It’s not because he is sweet and lovely. Trust.

        • I think she is beautiful and if she wanted a man only for money or power, she could find a rich/powerful guy looking different. There must be a reason she chose him

      • He doesn’t treat her right. It’s been reported on numerous blogs in the last few years that he’s had many affairs and it’s not just hearsay. He caught by European paparazzi with various mistresses. He’s gross.

  2. I maybe making assumptions here but why is a gorgeous woman like her marry such a older man. Is it really about love? Or is it really about the power?

  3. She was a struggling actress when she met him. He bank rolled her fashion business, so, yes, it was love. Her love of what his money and influence could do for her career. He is repulsive.

  4. It’s always about the money. If he wasn’t rich, she wouldn’t look twice at him. Women will do anything for money as we can obviously see.

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