Tori Spelling Reveals Post-Baby Body

Hot mama!

Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Tori Spelling gave birth to her fourth child, son Finn, last August after a high-risk pregnancy. “The last thing on my mind was getting my body back,” the 39-year-old actress told Us Weekly.

After four months of bed rest due to placenta previa, Tori gained 30 pounds while carrying Finn.

Having fully recovered – the busy mom also underwent emergency surgery three weeks post-birth – the reality star gradually dropped the baby weight. Not only that, Tori shed an additional 15 pounds that she gained over the past couple years.

Now 115 pounds, the 5-foot-6 actress shows off her svelte figure in a sexy bikini while holding Finn, with daughter Hattie, 18 months, at her side.

“I feel like I took off the weight safely, and I’m totally happy here,” she shared.

And while she can’t do situps or lunges for at least a year following her surgery, Tori said, “I think my stomach went back pretty well!”

Tori and husband Dean McDermott are also parents to son Liam, 6, and 4-year-old daughter Stella.

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  1. never had such a great body like her in my life.. and I don’t have 4 children.. respect for her, looks like she worked hard for it.

    But her face looks a little bit curious in that pic, especially the lipstick is to dark I think.

    • I honestly dont think she has had to work that hard for it. Other than for the last two-three years while she has been constantly pregnant, and then the first time she was preggers with the first two, have you ever known Tori to be anything but almost SCARY skinny? She used to be on covers of mags all the time saying she was too skinny. I think it’s just genetic.

      • well, we can just guess and we don’t know, I remember that very skinny pics, too but I everytime thought that she was much to strict on diet.. So don’t know if she was skinny through diet or through genetics.

        But now she really looks good. thin but not skinny.
        Sure, there is photoshop on the pic and I often heard she visited the beauty doc but also sure that her body is fabulous for having 4 kids.

  2. Showing off your fit, sexy figure is all well and good, but accessorising your look with 2 babies just looks bizarre to me.

  3. come on this is photo shopped so bad that they even fixed her ankles. one of the straps of the sandals is wider than the other one. for real, this is trash!

    • Whoa, nice catch!! I agree, shopped and strange w the two babies as props. I get why they included Hattie and Finn but that doesn’t make it less bizarre to look at.

    • Another dead give away is the stretched-out images of leaves between her upper thighs. Photoshop distortion to reshape her thighs, for sure!

      Other things in this article that make me laugh —

      Her quote about how getting her shape back was the last thing on her mind… And yet clearly body image is something that she prioritizes, to sell out for a crazy cover shot like this.

      Also, she brags that she’s lost an additional 15 lbs beyond her pre-pregnancy weight… as I remember it, she was absolutely emaciated in the years prior to her recent pregnancy!

    • she had complications after the caeserean section where she gave birth to finn and had to undergo an emergency surgery some days later.

  4. This photo is so anti MOM and is not a good way to set expectations for our AMERICAN mothers who just had an 18 month old. Most of us can not connect with this.

  5. @Monica the surgery Tori had after Finn was born is none of the publics business. even celebs should get to deal with certain things privately

    • Normally I would agree with that. But when a celebrity makes money from exploiting every aspect of their personal life (including the surgery in question) then it becomes a bit ridiculous to say someone deserves privacy. Tori sold her privacy to the highest bidder.

  6. I’m sure we’ll see a pic of her in a tabloid soon and she won’t look anything like that picture. I think she is naturally very thin, but I’m sure there was some photo shop going on, especially the outlining of her abs.

  7. Obviously that picture has some photoshop done. Her stomach looks odd, so does her face. Poor Hattie she looks miserable.

    The best Tori can do for her children is keep them out of the tabloids. They deserve some peace and quiet.

  8. Flaunting your body post-baby is kind of ‘in your face’ for any mom who is just not there yet. I remember my doctor saying…it takes a year after baby to safely get that baby weight off. I like Tori, but I feel like this side of her is the side I don’t really care for….I like reading her blog about family, crafting, recipes….kids….but the whole bikini-post baby show off holding kids….ehhh… kind of rubbing it in.

  9. Poor Hattie and Finn. Finn has on a baggy long sleeve shirt, while his mommy is rocking a bikini. Kinda weird to me.

  10. Okay, this just put me over the edge. I am so unbelievable tired of celeb moms “gracing” the covers/pages of magazines in swimsuits mere months after giving birth. It’s weird. Whoever does it is weird and their husbands are weird too for being cool with their wife in magazines flaunting her body in a bikini for the rest of the world to see. She looks good but she’s still weird and so is Deanie-wienie.

    Venting over.

  11. Kids as props not shocked! Love the kids out of the photo they don’t look thrilled as it is. Bad photoshop on the straps on the shoes and her face !!! What is wrong with her face? Not trying to be mean but she looks more transvestite then ever and horrible lipstick. I would be more impressed and think it was more sexy for her to be posing alone and in a beautiful one piece. I think the one pc would relate more to the real Moms out their reading this.

  12. Well if thats her stomach after 4 kids & 4 c-sections and all done without lipo this woman is one lucky female!

    My guess is actummy tuck and surely l would have one too if l had to and could afford it!

  13. actually that looks like her normal face….she was never a beauty, more horsey…maybe black beauty, is her inspiration……or flicka… i am just being mean

  14. She is an ugly horse face! She has always been a beast there is nothing pretty about her! Her body is in good shape for having four kids but her face is hideous. She should just wear a bag over her head!

  15. It is very strange that a mother of 4 children could be SO self absorbed! All of this, “Look at me I am skinny, Look at me I am pregnant, Look at me I had another baby, Look at me I had birthday party for my kid etc.” Is really annoying!

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