Sienna Miller & Marlowe: Adorable Duo

Factory Girl star Sienna Miller was photographed with her 9-month-old daughter Marlowe in New York City on Wednesday (April 17). The new mom, also seen with fiancé Tom Sturridge, dressed in spring colors alongside her baby girl in the Big Apple.

The British beauty recently told Metro she has “much less energy” for showbiz, and is now focussing on motherhood.

“My daughter monopolises my time. I spend my days making pureed food for her,” Sienna said. “Becoming a mother [has] made me not miss working in the industry. For the time being at least, I prefer watching my daughter grow up.”

It sounds like Sienna’s life has become a lot less about fame, and more about family.

“My life is this: my baby and my dog,” she said. “My fiancé is in a play at the moment, he’s busy working a lot.”

She added: “My 20s were a bit crazy. I spent those years working and being repeatedly persecuted by the media. Nowadays, I can be the woman I truly am, more calm, and freer too. I turned 30 and I suddenly had much less energy.”


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  1. Her daughter is so cute. Anyone think that she seems like she is trying a little too hard to make the kid look “boho” or eclectic – whatever her look is? Marlowe is wearing two different Liberty prints (the hat and the bloomers) a turquoise sweater, rust brown tights, a lavender tee and what are those on her back….fuzzy angel wings? Jeez. I think that rule for adults should be for babies too….always remove one piece of jewelry/accessory before you leave the house. 😉

    • Or you could just not give a crap what complete strangers think about what you put on your baby. That works too.

      • She obviously doesn’t give a crap. If she gave a crap, she would dress her child more like uber-insecure Victoria Beckham (meaning she DOES give a crap) and the way she dresses her little girl.

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