Giuliana Rancic Excited To Celebrate First Mother’s Day

Proud new mom Giuliana Rancic has been honored with her “most official title yet” as Official Huggies Tester. The reality star, 38, says this project is “the perfect fit” thanks to her son Duke, 7 months, who wears Huggies’ SureFit Design diapers.

Giuliana opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her baby boy who now “has two little teeth,” the joys – and challenges – of new motherhood, and her upcoming plans to celebrate her first Mother’s Day next month.

CBS: Tell us about partnering with Huggies to help spread the word about their new and improved and wipes.

GR: “I have become an Official Huggies Tester — my most official title yet! I was just in Round Rock, Texas – a town booming with babies – where we premiered their new advertisements that were filmed there with real parents and babies putting the new products to the test in their everyday routines. You can check a little teaser video for the ads here – it’s so cute.

This project was just a perfect fit for me right now because I’m using the Huggies Diapers with new SureFit Design with Duke, and I feel so confident knowing that his diaper fits him well and is super absorbent. So if we’re going shopping or he’s in the jogger while Bill and I run, he’ll stay comfy and dry.”

CBS: How’s baby Duke doing? What is he into these days? What does he do to make you laugh?

GR: “Duke is great! He is so sweet and always smiling. He has two little teeth now that are razor sharp, so he’s been gnawing on everything. It’s adorable. I always laugh when he starts talking to himself in his baby speak. He’s only seven and a half months old and hasn’t learned words yet, but he just goes on and on.”

CBS: How has motherhood been treating you? What are your greatest rewards as a mother? Biggest challenges?

GR: “Motherhood has been amazing! I’d say that having to leave Duke when I go to work has been one of my biggest challenges as a mom, but I am very thankful that Bill is such a supportive partner. He’s an amazing dad.

One of my favorite parts of being a mom to Duke is seeing him when he gets up in the morning and looking into his big beautiful eyes. He’s growing so fast, and it’s incredible to be there with him.”

CBS: Are you excited about celebrating you first Mother’s Day with Duke? What are your plans? What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

GR: “Bill and I are having our moms come to LA for Mother’s Day – to make it special for all of us. We’re planning a fancy bunch with the whole family at a nice hotel in Newport Coast and then a walk on the beach. Really, I just want to relax and enjoy the day together as a whole family.

This Mother’s Day is especially meaningful because it’s my first time to celebrate as a mother, of course! After struggling for years to have a baby, it’s a real gift to be able to spend the special day with Bill, Duke and our family.”

CBS: Also, do you have any plans for Bill and Duke for Father’s Day? Is Bill excited to celebrate his first Father’s Day?

GR: “I want to plan a very special Father’s Day since this will be Bill’s first. Since we’re spending Mother’s Day in LA, I’d love to plan an exciting weekend in Chicago – Bill’s hometown – with both of my boys. Depending on the weather, I’d love to start off with a run with Bill and Duke in the jogger along the lakefront. It would be really nice to walk to the zoo, some museums, and then top the night off with dinner at RPM Italian.”

CBS: You and Bill have been open about planning for another baby. Any updates?

GR: “We definitely love the idea of growing our family, but for right now, we want to focus all of our attention on Duke since he’s still so young. When we get to the point when we’re ready to have another baby, we’ll start thinking about our options.”

CBS: Do the paparazzi bother you? Are you worried about how they’ll make Duke feel one day?

GR: “I know that I have a public life, so it doesn’t bother me too much. I think because I’ve been an open book for so long, the paparazzi aren’t constantly searching high and low for me. We think that Duke will be able to escape it as he gets older, but if it ever bothered him, we would do what was best for our family.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

GR: “I will keep my fancy new title as an Official Huggies Tester and continue to work with Huggies, but I also have my fun projects going on with Bill! We’re super excited about Ready for Love, and also have the next season of Giuliana & Bill on the Style Network premiering in June.”


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