Tim Myers & Family: Playground Fun

Musician Tim Myers was seen enjoying the sunshine with his wife and daughter in Calabasas, Calif on Saturday (April 20).

The couple let their toddler run around the playground and get in some water spray action.

Myers – who also was the bassist for One Republic – explained in an interview earlier this year where his music has been heard.

His songs have been played on Grey’s Anatomy and films such as Friends with Benefits, The Dilemma, New Year’s Eve and The Lucky One.

His big break came when he was doing a solo show in an L.A. club. A rep from Zync Music told him his music was “licensable.”

“Right away, they got me the season’s finale on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and it went up on iTunes and I got 50,000 downloads.”


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  1. I have NO idea who Tim Myers is, but wtf does EVERYONE live in Calabasas? Or is it more of a “bring your kid there to play” type community. Either way, I’m over hearing about it.

  2. I LOVE Tim Myers! His music is awesome. He is so talented. He used to be in One Republic but now he is WAY successful doing his own thing. I think he has that Chase Bank song…”keep on keeping on”…that song sticks in my head all day… I am so stoked he is on this site. There baby is beautiful!

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