Harvey Weinstein Reveals How He Named His Son

Harvey Weinstein has revealed how he came up with the name Dashiell – his first son with wife Georgina Chapman.

Talking about the newborn – who was born on April 11 – the movie mogul shared to CBS, “On the first date that I took my wife out … she walks into the restaurant and she trips and falls right on her butt. I go, first there is a God because that evened the playing field right away and secondly I said to her, ‘That was the opening scene when Myrna Loy walked into William Powell in The Thin Man.’”

He continues, “I said, ‘Georgina, meet [author] Dashiell Hammett‘ and she read The Thin Man and … we had a boy.”

People reports when asked on whether he was happy to finally get a son – Weinstein joked, “I am so tired of going to Forever 21 and Abercrombie. I hope they’re not sponsors. Sundays I wake up and I go, ‘The game’s on!’ and [my daughters Emma, Lily and Ruth say], ‘At the mall, you’re driving us.

“Then they say, ‘Dad, park three miles [away], we don’t want to be seen with you. Meet us at the pizza store four miles over here because we’re embarrassed of you and you’re annoying.’”

Weinstein and the Marchesa co-founder also have 2-year-old daughter India Pearl.


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  1. As much as everyone likes to hate on Harvey, this article about him is very endearing. It’s the first time he’s ever seemed to have a soft dad side.

  2. Nice story =)

    A little rude of his daughters to not want to be seen with him though as I think it’s almost certain that they live very privileged lives off his back.

  3. As a teenager, I didn’t want to be seen with my parents either. I used to slink down in the back seat of our car in case some of my school friends saw me. My son has walked on the other side of the mall from me, pretending he was alone. So Harvey, you’re not alone. It happens to many of us!

  4. The story is sweet and I am glad he had a boy after all that estrogen in the house! The girls story is funny, they dont want to be seen with him but I am sure they love the non existent credit limit on their cards!!! I am forever grateful that the trips to the mall and those stores are over with, I almost went deaf in some of those teen stores.

  5. I never understood being embarrassed by the parents picking you up and dropping you off. Hell, I was always glad when my parents would pick me up and drop me off exactly where I was going. Why would I want to walk all the way? And my friends always loved to get rides with us, so really, I don’t understand what’s embarrassing.

    I’d much rather have them to drive me than to walk for miles or have to take a bus.

  6. I think it’s just a kid thing. My nephew is about to be 12 and when he is in the privacy of his home w/ his family he loves to cuddle and doesn’t mind hugging you. However out in public forget about it! He pretends he doesn’t even know you.
    when I was a kid my mom was known as the “cool” mom out of all my friends. I never understood it and of course there were times I hated being seen w/ her. But when you become an adult (and more so a parent) you truly learn to appreciate them. I am sure Harvey’s girls will too one day.
    But now he finally has a boy to hang out with which I’m sure for any dad that’s a thrill.

  7. Look at him, look at her. What the hell? He could have shaved for the pic, don’t you think? This guy is repulsive!! What the hell did she ever see in him, never mind sleeping with him? Ewww!

    • I’m pretty sure he’s funny and has a great personality. Maybe he treats her like gold. That goes a long way and can warm any woman’s heart more than some pretty boy who’s probably going to cheat on you.

      • It’s amazing how being a billionaire can make someone seem funnier and like they have a better personality than they actually do. Money goggles.

        • Everyone seems unaware she is the daughter of a multi millionaire and has her own very successful fashion label. She doesn’t need to be after his money, She’s independently worth somewhere around $20 million.

        • Are you telling me that you don’t know ANY couples in your real life that are of varying degrees of “physical attractiveness”?

    • She is a successful woman who co-founded Marchesa, I doubt she needs his money. Occasionally, people do marry just because they are in love.

  8. I’m going to go out on a limb and say the same thing can be said of a certain hip hop couple as far as attraction and marriage. 🙂

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