Rachel Zoe & Skyler Get Crafty


Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe stepped out with her sweet son Skyler, 2, in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday (April 23). Joined by a friend, the duo smiled and swung as they headed to Color Me Mine for some mother-son arts and crafts.

And on Friday, the stylish pair went shopping at Kitson in West Hollywood with a pal.

“He has a mother obsessed with fashion,” Rachel told Breezy Mama of her son’s style.

“He has started to pick out his own clothes, but that’s more because he just turned two and I want him to have his independence,” the proud mom said of her tot. “So, I lay out things and let him pick out which ones. It’s really cute.”

When asked about common style mistakes made by moms, the fashionista said women “stop trying.”

“I think that they immediately embrace the fact that they are a mom, which is fine, on most levels, but I don’t think that has to mean “Okay, I don’t have to shower every day, I don’t have to brush my hair, I don’t have to put lipstick on…” because I actually think quite the opposite,” Rachel said. “I think you become a mom and you say, “Okay, I still have it and I still need to feel pretty. And I still need to feel good about myself.” I don’t think women should stop trying.”


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  1. I think when you can easily put your boy’s hair into a ponytail it is time for a cut. I love seeing this little boy. She even admitted on her show that he looks like a girl but is all boy esp with his trucks and cars and being aggressive playing with them. Keep it long, but trim it up a bit, he is such a beautiful happy child but he needs a little cut. His hair is longer than his daddy’s.

    • I’m pretty sure she hasn’t got his hair because they’re Jewish, I believe she has said this before. They won’t cut his hair until he’s three.

  2. This child is beyond beautiful but could easily pass for a girl. He has very soft features and the most beautiful locks of hair.

    Personally I wouldn’t want people to mistake my son for a girl. But to each their own. He’s a cutie for sure probably one of the prettiest boys I’ve seen.

  3. I think out of all the celebrity babies, Sky Sky is the most happiest and cutie pie ever. Although I am not a huge fan of Rachel Zoe, I think they are doing great as parents. Love Sky Sky

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