Pete Wentz & His Snow Cone Sweetie

Pete Wentz and his girlfriend Meagan Camper took Bronx, 4, to the farmer’s market in Studio City, Calif. on Sunday (May 5).

While strolling along – they stopped to get Bronx a snow cone. The preschooler – who got a haircut last month – looked like he was really enjoying his treat!

The rocker recently defended Courtney Love – who collaborated with Fall Out Boy’s new album Save Rock and Roll.

He said, “Courtney gets a bad rap, but she was sweet. We emailed her some stuff and she wrote to it, too. So it was like Courtney kind of doing Fall Out Boy, letting rip, which was cool. When was the last time people heard Courtney like that? It’s cool for people to remember she’s not just a celebrity.”

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  1. Did anyone see Pete on What What Happens Live a few weeks ago? He said he was single so I assumed and he and Meagan broke up?

    • No, technically it doesn’t. You can be not married and be in a relationship. He wasn’t filling out his taxes, he was on a talk show.

    • That is exactly what he meant when he said it. He even tweeted afterwards for clarification, as some seemed “to twist it.”

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