Billy Ray Cyrus: “I’ll Be There If And When There Is A Wedding”

Billy Ray Cyrus: "I’ll Be There If And When There Is A Wedding"

Billy Ray Cyrus has sure been one busy papa! The country crooner, and father of six, just released his 13th studio album, which is now available at various Buffet Restaurants, Inc. establishments. He also has a new TV series and movie in development.

Billy Ray Cyrus opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about his latest album, his relationship with Miley, 20, and whether he regrets getting her into showbiz.

CBS: Tell us about your latest album, Change My Mind. What can fans expect on your 13th studio album? 

BRC: “It’s a very roots-oriented album that is all about my musical influences.” 

CBS: Tell us about how fan can pick up your album at Ryan’s®, Country Buffet®HomeTown® BuffetOld Country Buffet® and Fire Mountain® for a special $8.99 price. We hear the proceeds are going to a great cause. Tell us more.

BRC: “My album is available at Buffet Restaurants, Inc. and the proceeds go to the YMCA’s outdoor program for kids. The program helps kids whose moms and dads are currently deployed.”

CBS: It seems like you and your famous daughter Miley are in a good place right now. Tell us about your relationship.

BRC: “Our relationship is absolutely fantastic. We are in a really good place.”

CBS: How are all your kids doing? Do you all see each other a lot? 

BRC: “They are all doing great, thank you for asking. I get to see them quite a bit.” 

CBS: Do you regret getting Miley into showbiz? What’s your best advice for people who want to get into showbiz?

BRC: “I think that Miley was born to be a singer and songwriter. She is doing what she was born to do. My best advice for people who want to get into showbiz is to follow your dreams. Live, love life, be happy, and count your blessings.”

CBS: How are you preparing for Miley’s upcoming wedding?

BRC: “You know, I’ve been so busy with everything going on and that’s Miley’s department. You should ask her about the wedding, like when it is and the whole deal. I’ll be there if and when there is a wedding. You can count me in.”

CBS: What else do you have coming up this summer?

BRC: “I‘ve got the new album out and next week I’m starting a new movie called Like A Country Song. I also have a series in development, as well as some tour dates.”

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